Identifying and reporting natural resource violations

We all play a role in protecting our natural resources.   

Identifying violations

Natural resource violations may include illegal or unauthorized activities related to:

  • use of water
  • construction of works (e.g. pumping equipment) or altering terrain near water (For a definition of “works”, see Section 1 of the Water Sustainability Act.)
  • use of fire in forests or on grasslands, infractions related to fire prohibitions
  • long-term occupation of Crown land or unauthorized foreshore development
  • forestry operations and unauthorized cutting of firewood
  • culturally sensitive sites or artifacts
  • use of resource roads
  • environmental damage in sensitive ecosystems
  • habitat damage (fish and wildlife)
  • recreation sites and trails
  • Crown pastures and associated livestock

Read more about how to identify natural resource violations:

What happens when you file a report?

Natural Resource Officers (NROs) review every natural resource violation report to determine its priority and appropriate response. An NRO may contact you for additional information that may be relevant to the investigation and that could assist with any related prosecution or administrative hearing.

Report a suspected violation online:

Alternatively, you can call 1 877 952-7277 toll-free or #7277 on a cellphone (select Option 2).

Thank you for taking the time to report a natural resource violation and for helping to protect of B.C.’s natural resources. 

Other Natural Resource Questions

Please contact FrontCounter BC if your concern does not involve a violation or if you need to find out where to report another concern:

To report a public health or safety matter, please call 911 or the police.