Sponsored Trees

Last updated on June 17, 2016

Although FFT trees are not carbon credits, there are a few companies that sponsor some of the FFT trees in order to give back to the community, customers and province by growing trees that absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

If you are interested in sponsoring some FFT trees please contact Nigel Fletcher.

How it works:

Typically it takes two years to grow trees in the nursery before planting and trees are grown for a specific area (they have the providence that fits the biogeoclimatic zone). That means that we have an operating budget and plan well in advance planting.

If a company wishes to sponsor some trees they choose a Forests for Tomorrow block (or part of a block) that is ready to be planted, we calculate the costs that will be occurred and then the company sends us (Minister of Finance) a cheque for that amount.

In BC we have legislation set up to collect levies for silviculture activities which has made it easy for us to ensure the funds go directly into the Forest Management Fund rather than General Revenue so that the funds will be used to establish a plantation.

When the block is being planted, the company can come out and have a photo shoot if they wish. We provide them with an invoice that shows the contribution they have made and some companies have put the FFT logo on their products.

Our Sponsors:

100 Mile Funeral Service Ltd.
Pacific Western Brewing Co.
Restwell Sleep Products – Spring Air BC