Value Assessments & Protocols

Cumulative Effects Framework (CEF) values are approved provincial and regionally specific values that are important to the people of British Columbia, are recognized as being sensitive to cumulative effects, and are periodically assessed and reported. The framework used a consistent set of criteria across the province to select values, including:

  • Values that have legal or policy objectives in existing legislation, land use plans, case law or other forms of management direction
  • Values identified in strategic engagement and other agreements with First Nations, or otherwise identified as supporting an Aboriginal or treaty right
  • Values that can be mapped

Five environmental values were prioritized for developing assessment procedures: forest biodiversity, old growth forest, aquatic ecosystems, grizzly bear, and moose. Standard assessment protocols defining the fundamental assumptions and procedures for assessing the condition of these values have been developed. These protocols have been identified as “interim” protocols to provide opportunities for structured evaluation during their initial implementation and to facilitate continued engagement with First Nations, stakeholders and government staff.

Cumulative effects assessments use existing data for a defined geographic area to identify the current condition of values relative to objectives, and to identify current and emerging risks based on foreseeable activities and trends information. These assessments may be reported out as:

  • Current Condition Reports on the current state or condition of individual CEF values in relation to selected state or pressure indicators.
  • Cumulative Effects Assessment and Management Reports summarizing the results of CEF assessments (with associated maps) and management responses intended to mitigate cumulative effects.

Learn more about assessment protocols and reports completed to date for the following values:

The initial stage of the framework implementation has focused on developing standard assessment approaches for this priority set of environmental values. As implementation of the cumulative effects framework proceeds, it is intended that more values will be assessed.