Carbon tax programs

The carbon tax supports a low carbon economy for now and for the future – one that works for all people throughout British Columbia. B.C. has programs for individuals and businesses to help keep the carbon tax affordable, and provides opportunities to make lower carbon choices.

The amount of carbon tax paid by British Columbians will vary depending on family consumption and household use of taxable fuels for heating, cooking and transportation.

To improve affordability, the government has increased the Climate Action Tax Credit to $154.50 per adult and $45.50 per child as of July 1, 2019. In 2022, this credit will increase to $193.50 per adult and $56.50 per child effective July 1, 2022. 

This credit is available to low- and moderate-income individuals and families to help offset the impact of carbon taxes. Approximately 1.3 million British Columbians benefit from this credit.

For businesses and organizations

There are increasing opportunities for businesses and organizations to participate in the low carbon economy. The carbon tax provides a signal across the market to encourage innovation and support the transition to a lower carbon future.

Government launched the CleanBC Program for Industry in 2019. The program includes the Clean BC Industrial Incentive Program and the CleanBC Industry Fund. The program is funded by the incremental carbon tax above $30 per tonne as paid by industry. It is designed to help keep industries competitive as they innovate to cut emissions.

Commercial greenhouses are unique in requiring carbon dioxide as an input in production. The Greenhouse Carbon Tax Relief Grant is available to qualifying commercial greenhouses and covers a portion of the carbon tax paid on natural gas and propane used for greenhouse heating and C02 production.