BC Adapts - Rainwater Management

Climate change is affecting precipitation and storm patterns. As the temperature warms, the atmosphere holds more water leading to more intense fall and winter storms.



Why? An Introduction

In British Columbia, climate change is expected to bring more intense short duration storms and increased runoff from roof and pavement. To adapt to climate change, we need to increase the use of low impact green infrastructure across our urbanizing watersheds.

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Rainwater Management 2 - Streets & Surface Parking


Streets & Surface Parking

Adding green infrastructure to streets can increase water quality and reduce the volume of runoff entering stormwater pipes. Rainfall can take natural pathways through the soil to support groundwater and ecosystems.

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Rainwater Management 3 - Design for the Rainfall Spectrum


Design for the Rainfall Spectrum

Green infrastructure should be designed to perform in all three tiers of the rainfall spectrum: small (including showers), large (annual storms), and extreme (rare occurrences).

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