Water Users' Communities

A water users' community (WUC) is a group of six or more water licensees, each with their own licence(s), who create and maintain a system to store and deliver water to their respective places of use.

Water users' communities are incorporated and named by the Comptroller of Water Rights.

The Water Users' Communities Act

On February 29, 2016, most of the Water Act was repealed and replaced by the Water Sustainability Act. Part 3 of the Water Act became the Water Users' Communities Act, which governs the creation and management of water users' communities.

Purpose of a WUC

A WUC may acquire, hold and control property and water licences. The community may also acquire, construct, hold, maintain, improve, replace and operate works. WUC members may save money and time through sharing resources and works used to divert water.

Conducting the Business of a WUC

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Water Quality

Any WUC supplying drinking water is required by the Ministry of Health to meet the requirements of the Drinking Water Protection Act and the Drinking Water Protection Regulation.