Make an Inquiry or Complaint about a Private Water Utility

If you are a private water utility operator or the customer of a private water utility and you need to make an inquiry or complaint, review the following information and contact the Water Utility Regulation Section.


A utility’s water tariff sets out the terms and conditions of service including the prescribed rates.

A customer can arrange to view a utility’s water tariff by contacting the utility’s designated office during normal business hours.


When a question or dispute arises with respect to water service and/or the water rates that is not adequately addressed or clarified by the utility’s water tariff, the customer or the utility may contact the Water Utility Regulation Section to obtain an interpretation.

In some cases a further investigation may be required in order to resolve the matter. This will normally require that a formal inquiry be made in writing with a copy to the other party. The other party or parties involved will then be given an opportunity to make a submission to support their position.

After reviewing the relevant information, the Water Utility Regulation staff may provide guidance to the parties involved on how the matter should be handled or, in some cases, prepare a report with recommendations to the Comptroller of Water Rights for a decision on the matter.