Snow Conditions Commentary

April 15, 2019

A bi-weekly commentary of snow conditions based on readings from the BC Automated Snow Weather Station (ASWS) network is published during the snow season.


March was a very dry month for most of the province with the last two weeks recording above normal temperatures. Since the beginning of April, weather conditions have been seasonal.  Temperatures have been cooler and several low pressure systems have brought light to moderate precipitation through most of the province.


The April 1st Snow Bulletin was released on April 8. The province was at below normal snow pack levels. The average of all automated snow stations and manual snow surveys was 79% of normal.

The province was dry through March with limited no snow accumulation.  Since April 1, there has been moderate snow accumulation at higher elevations. Lower elevation snow stations that began to melt snow in late March have leveled off in April. The average of all automated snow weather stations (snow pillows) remained at 78% of average on April 15th; the same percentage as April 1st.   

The regions with the highest snow pack relative to normal at automated snow weather stations are the North Thompson (89%) and Middle Fraser (87%). Areas with the lowest snow pack relative to normal are the Stikine (55%),  Boundary (67%), Okanagan (67%) and Vancouver Island (68%).

Light to moderate precipitation is forecast for the remainder of the week.  Freezing elevations are expected to climb as high as 2,500 m.  

Download the detailed listing of all snow pillows here: ASP Weekly Summary.

In a typical year, approximately 100% of the winter snowpack has accumulated by April 15th across the province. The May 1st Snow Bulletin is scheduled to be released Wednesday May 8.