Snow Conditions Commentary

June 1, 2018

A bi-weekly commentary of snow conditions based on readings from the BC Automated Snow Weather Station (ASWS) network is published during the snow season.


Weather over the first three weeks of May has been extremely hot, with temperatures in the 5-10˚C above normal range across most of the province for most of that period. Temperatures have cooled over the past week with many automated snow weather stations hovering near freezing.  Flows in rivers have been dropping throughout the province, accordingly.


Dramatic snow melt occurred in May with many Automated Snow Weather Stations melting two to three weeks earlier than normal due to extremely hot weather.  Snow packs in low elevation areas are now depleted. Mid-elevation areas have melted approximately 50-90% of the snow pack, and upper elevations have melted 30-60%. On-going flood risk from this season’s snow pack has diminished.  Future risks of flooding are dependent upon heavy rainfall events.

Manual snow survey data is published as it becomes available, and both manual and automated snow station data can be found at:

Download the detailed listing of all snow pillows here: ASP Weekly Summary.

The finalized Snow Survey and Water Supply Bulletin is planned for release by end of day June 7 2018. It includes manual measurements from approximately  snow survey sites and is considered a more thorough representation of provincial and regional snow packs.