Snow Conditions Commentary

January 16, 2019

A bi-weekly commentary of snow conditions based on readings from the BC Automated Snow Weather Station (ASWS) network is published during the snow season.

Several storm systems have impacted BC over the past 2-3 weeks. This have consisted of a mix of colder temperatures and heavy precipitation across most regions. This has led to significant growth in the provincial snow pack, both in terms of absolute snow water equivalent values and in terms of relative % of average for mid-January. Overall provincial average from all automated snow weather stations (ASWS) is at 100% of average, up from 89% on January 1st. Most regions experienced a 5-30% increase in the % of average values over the past 2 weeks, except for the Liard basin which saw a slight decrease in % of average.

Current % of average values range from a low of 59% on Vancouver Island, to a high of 136% in the West Kootenay. Many regions, including the Upper Fraser – East, Upper Fraser – West, North Thompson, South Thompson, and Okanagan, are beginning to nudge into high snow pack conditions (>120%). In the western coastal areas of the province, snow pack remains below average.

By mid-January a little over half (55%) of the annual provincial snow accumulation has occurred. With another 3 months remaining in the accumulation season, snow pack can still change significantly from current conditions.

Download the detailed listing of all snow pillows here: ASP Weekly Summary.

A more thorough review of snow pack conditions will be released in the February 1st snow bulletin, scheduled for release on February 7, 2020.