Snow Conditions Commentary

May 15th, 2020

A ridge of high pressure dominated the coast of British Columbia last weekend (May 9 & 10).  Snow rapidly melted through most of the regions near the coast - from Vancouver Island to Skeena-Nass.  In the Interior, temperatures were not as warm and automated snow weather stations primarily melted at seasonal rates.  The snowpack remains relatively high for many areas in the Interior.

Current % of average values range from a low of 53% for Skeena-Nass to a high of 145% in the the Upper Fraser West.  

Typically the overall provincial snow pack reaches it's seasonal maximum in the middle of April.  As we move further into the snowmelt season, the actual numbers as a % of normal become less relevant.  More important is whether snowmelt has been rapid and earlier than normal, gradually melting at seasonal rates, or still high compared to normal and delayed.

Download the detailed listing of all snow pillows here: ASP Weekly Summary.

A more thorough review of snow pack conditions will be released in the May 15th snow bulletin, scheduled for release on May 21st, 2020.