Technical guidance for site remediation

  1. Site Characterization and Confirmation Testing (PDF, 300KB)
  2. Statistical Criteria for Characterizing a Volume of Contaminated Material (PDF, 121KB)
  3. Refer to Standards page
  4. Vapour Investigation and Remediation (PDF, 358KB) 
  5. Sampling and Determining Soil pH at Soil Relocation Receiving Sites (PDF, 389KB)
  6. Assessment of Hydraulic Properties for Water Use Determinations (PDF, 186KB)
  7. No longer in use 
  8. Groundwater Investigation and Characterization (PDF, 486KB) 
  9. Chlorophenol Aquatic Life Quality Standards (PDF, 462KB) 
  10. Guidance for a Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigation (PDF, 182KB)
  11. Guidance for a Stage 2 Preliminary Site Investigation and Detailed Site Investigation (PDF, 183KB)
  12. Statistics for Contaminated Sites (PDF, 92KB)
  13. Groundwater Protection Model (Revised) (PDF, 779KB)
  14. Operation of Soil Treatment Facilities for the Bioremediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil (PDF, 231KB)
  15. Concentration Limits for the Protection of Aquatic Receiving Environments (PDF, 288KB)
  16. No longer in use
  17. No longer in use
  18. No longer in use
  19. No longer in use
  20. Applicability of Sodium (NA+) and Chloride (Cl-) Soil Relocation Standards to Marine and Estuarine Dredge Materials (PDF, 500KB)
  21. No longer in use
  22. Use of Monitored Natural Attenuation for Groundwater Remediation (DRAFT) (PDF, 192KB)
  23. No longer in use
  24. Site-specific Numerical Soil Standards Model Parameters (PDF, 529KB)

The information on this web page does not replace the legislative requirements in the EMA or its regulations and it does not list all provisions for contaminated site services.

If there are differences between this information and the Act, Regulation, or Protocols, the Act, Regulation, and Protocols apply.