Smoke Sensitivity Zone Maps

Under the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation British Columbia is divided into three smoke sensitivity zones:

  • High Smoke Sensitivity Zone – areas in and around communities.
  • Medium Smoke Sensitivity Zone – areas around the smallest communities, rural locations, transportation corridors and a buffer around the high smoke sensitivity zone and the low smoke sensitivity zone.
  • Low Smoke Sensitivity Zone – areas that are distant from communities.

These zones have different requirements for open burning, with the strictest requirements around the high smoke sensitivity zone and least strict in the low sensitivity zone. The requirements for burning in these zones are listed in the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation. All zones can be found in the Interactive Ventilation Index Map and the maps below.

Smoke Sensitivity Zone Boundary KMZ Files*:

*A Keyhole Markup language Zipped (KMZ) file is file extension for a placemark file used by Google Earth. The best way to open a KMZ file is by Google Earth or unzipped with a compression utility, such as WinZip for Windows, MacZip for Mac users. KMZ files will also require a GIS software program to open. 

Provincial Overview Map (PDF)
8.5” X 11” page size

Regional Smoke Sensitivity Zone Mapsheets 
30” x 22” page size