Eligible Business Corporation

Under the 'direct' investment model, a small business registers as an eligible business corporation (EBC).

EBCs can accept equity capital directly from investors without having to set up a venture capital corporation (VCC).

This investment structure is ideal for an investor planning to be actively involved in the growth of the small business.

Read the Investment Capital Program Guidelines (PDF, 3.1 MB)

The Investment Capital Branch maintains a register of EBCs that are actively raising investment. The register is made available to VCCs and other investors who are seeking investment opportunities and want to know which companies are actively raising investment.

View the Public Register of EBCs (PDF, 149 KB)

Support Programs and Resources Available for British Columbia's Small Businesses

The document available in the link below contains information on government and non-government support programs and other resources that are available to British Columbia's small businesses.

View Government and Non-Government Business Support Information (PDF, 443 KB)


The Province of British Columbia does not in any way guarantee nor express an opinion as to the value of any shares issued by an eligible business corporation, the financial condition of the corporation or the merits of any investment or business proposal.