Please complete and submit electronically to your Portfolio Manager.

Please complete the Registration Application (PDF 101 KB) ensuring you electronically include all required attachments.

The Act limits the dollar value of tax credits that can be issued in a calendar year. There are no guarantees that any applicant will be registered under the Act.

Please complete the Additional Equity Application Form (PDF 73 KB) to receive an equity authorization to raise capital eligible for tax credits.

The EBC must have a valid Additional Equity Authorization in each tax budget year it plans to raise equity.


Share Purchase Report

Please ensure that all EBC investors complete and sign a Share Purchase Report (PDF 42 KB) at the time they purchase the shares, and retain the reports on file for seven years for audit purposes.

EBCs must file an Annual Return (PDF 42 KB) with the Investment Capital Branch within six months of its fiscal year end.

Failure to do so will constitute non-compliance and will affect the issuance of tax credit certificates and requests to raise additional equity capital under the program.



EBCs are required to notify the administrator within 30 days of any transaction or event that may impact on the EBC’s ability to comply with its obligations under the Act or Regulation.

Events and/or transactions requiring notification are listed in the Small Business Venture Capital Regulation section 14, and include:

  • A change in status regarding the EBC’s eligibility criteria
  • Ceasing to maintain a place of business in B.C.
  • A failure to comply with section 28.5 control prohibitions
  • A failure to comply with section 28.93 use of funds prohibitions
  • A redemption or transfer of an eligible investor’s shares within five years of issuance