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Before you start

Gather your documents. Any of the following documents you can provide will help resolve your concerns:

  • T4 income slip
  • Record of Employment
  • Pay cheques, pay stubs or statements of wages
  • Employment contracts or agreements
  • Work schedules or timesheets
  • Other documents with details about your complaint or calculations


Not every work issue, workplace or type of work is covered by employment standards. Find out if B.C. employment standards apply to your work situation.

Employers must follow and pay wages according the Employment Standards Act and Regulation. You can ask us to resolve concerns about an employer by submitting a complaint online.

Foreign workers in B.C. are also protected from unfair practices under the Temporary Foreign Worker Protection Act and Regulation. If the issue is under both Acts, you only need one complaint.

There is no fee to submit a complaint. You can file a complaint for yourself or on behalf of another person or a group of employees.


Have your documents, concerns and information ready.


Provide as much information as possible

Have your documents ready to upload. Prepare any additional details to help process your complaint, such as:

  • Information about you
  • About the concerns
  • Employment start and end dates
  • How much you think is owed
  • Wage rate
  • Information about the employer
  • The employer's legal name (may be different from their operating name)
  • Who we should contact at the employer and how best to contact them

If you're filing on behalf of someone, we'll also need your information.


Submit your complaint

You can file your complaint online. You will receive an automatic email that confirms your submission. Remember to record your case number.


Other ways to file a complaint

You can submit a complaint by mail, fax or in person using the printable complaint form (PDF, 400KB).

Next Steps

The Employment Standards Branch will investigate your complaint. This process takes some time and you will receive an email or letter confirming your complaint is received. We'll contact you directly:

  • When someone is assigned to investigate your complaint
  • If we need additional information or documents to support your concerns

If you didn’t provide an email address, we will contact you by phone or mail. It's important to notify the Employment Standards Branch if you change your email, phone number or mailing address.


Find answers

Ask a question or get confidential support about your situation.

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