Site Selection Consultants

Which Types of Businesses Use Site Selection Consultants?

In 2013, British Columbia was home to a total of 389,400 businesses. Of these, 382,200, or 98 per cent, were classified as small businesses under 50 employees. Small businesses are likely to handle the site selection process themselves.  As a result, you can expect that most of the time, you will be dealing directly with a business owner or employee who is handling the site selection process internally.

Large companies may use a site selection consultant. If you are looking to develop your land assets by attracting a large business, you may be dealing with a professional consultant.

At Which Stage Are Professional Site Selection Consultants Involved?

Generally, businesses approach site selection consultants for help after they have chosen a geographic search area and established basic selection criteria. 

What Does a Site Selection Consultant Do?

The site selection consultant’s role is to conduct research and analysis into communities within the identified geographic search area and provide recommendations to help the business select a new location based on the business’s criteria and needs.  

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