BC Economic Atlas Tutorials

We have created a number of tutorials to assist you with using the BC Economic Atlas.

PDF Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Click on the links below to watch video tutorials on the BC Economic Atlas:

BC Economic Atlas: latest features and functionality

How to use the BC Economic Layer Menu

Get started by learning how to add and remove map layers from the BC Economic Atlas. 

How to create a printable map

The BC Economic Atlas allows you to print your map in various sizes (in pdf format). This video tutorial will teach you the basics to produce high-resolution maps with our customized printing templates.

How to draw on the map

This video will show you how to add your own custom drawings to the map including: points, lines, shapes and text.

How to export a map to an image file

Need a map for a report or email?  This video will show you have to quickly export your map-view in multiple formats.

How to interact with map layers

You have added map layers using the BC Economic Layer menu. Now learn how to interact with those layers by turning them on or off and viewing the map legend.

British Columbia Economic Atlas 101