Building Economic Development Capacity

Last updated on June 24, 2020

Communities in B.C. are growing their skills and knowledge by using tools and resources to reach their goals. This section shares stories and resources to help communities create plans and develop strategies, measure results, collaborate, access funding and more.

Social Innovation Lab Combines Student and Community Resources to Encourage Economic Development

Building on the success of a social innovation model used in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Ecotrust Canada has developed a Prince Rupert-specific program. This program supports workforce development and economic growth in the area.

Outreach Supports Small Businesses in  Wake of Natural Disaster

When a record-breaking fire season caused communities throughout the Cariboo region to evacuate, a small but mighty team of Community Futures managers came together to support small businesses. With a combination of outreach, training and technical support, the Wildfire Business Transition project came to life. 

How the Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw are Determining their Economic Future – Tsulquate

Reflecting the will and strength of the Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw people, the establishment of the k̓awat̕si Economic Development Corporation reinvigorated the economic heartbeat of a community.

Leveraging Co-operation and Business Investment to Power Economic Development Cranbrook & Kimberley

Government-business collaboration is a good strategy for capacity-building, made even stronger when two neighbouring cities agree to work together for the benefit of the region.

Multi-Channel Ad Campaign Uses Data Insights to Attract New Residents and Businesses – Lower Columbia Region

The Thriving Communities Metrics marketing initiative led by the Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation was designed to collect and publish interesting Lower Columbia region economic indicators, drivers and activities to educate local residents. By showcasing positive (and sometimes quite surprising!) facts about the local economy, Thriving Community Metrics raised community awareness and created local ambassadors to promote the area to tourists and potential investors.

Building on a Community's Assets to Create an Economic Development Strategy – Cormorant Island

A tiny island off northeast Vancouver Island, Cormorant Island is home to the Village of Alert Bay and the ‘Namgis First Nation. A shrinking, aging population and dwindling economy led the two governments to pull together to look hard at the barriers and opportunities for growth. Engaging the community in planning and implementation helped bring immediate success and benefits.    

Grassroots Economic Development Benefits Island Municipality – Bowen Island

The Bowen Island Municipality didn’t let the lack of funds stop them from finding the expertise they need to develop the economic development plan to move their community forward.   


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