Your Two Primary Resources

Many helpful resources appear throughout this guide. The two that provide essential services and information for B.C. entrepreneurs are Small Business BC and the OneStop Business Registry.

Small Business BC

Small Business BC provides entrepreneurs with the information and guidance necessary to build a solid foundation for their business. Supported by the B.C. Provincial Government and Western Economic Diversification, Small Business BC offers a wide range of free and affordable business services, education and resources.

No matter what stage or what skill level, when an entrepreneur finds themselves asking “How do I…?,” Small Business BC can help.

  • General Business Information Advisory Service: Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation with a Business Advisor to help answer your business inquiries.
  • Business Plan Advice: Meet with a Business Plan Analyst for a business plan review to help you prepare to approach lenders, or coaching to develop your overall business strategy.
  • Market Research Advisory Services: Schedule a one-on- one consultation with a Market Research Analyst to assist you with market research in areas such as target market analysis, industry analysis and competitive analysis.
  • Talk to an Expert: Book one-on-one consultations with professionals in human resources, accounting, legal, market research, branding, social media, websites and more.
  • Import/Export Advice: Meet with a Trade Advisor for a consultation on business requirements and to register your import or export business.
  • Business Seminars and Webinars: Information-packed business seminars on over 50 topics, including import and export topics, delivered by industry experts, who are also small business owners. Seminars are held at the Small Business BC office in Vancouver and are also available through webinar across B.C.
  • Business Blog and Articles: Get up-to-date information from real-life entrepreneurs and business experts on the Small Business BC website.
  • Business Bookstore: Offering the most popular how-to publications on almost every area of business.
  • Events: Opportunities for networking, celebration and education. In October a series of free business seminars and webinars are offered for Small Business Week. The annual Small Business BC Awards, which celebrate the best small businesses across B.C., opens for nominations on October 1st.

Register to receive updates from Small Business BC on information, resources and events for entrepreneurs in B.C.

OneStop Business Registry

The OneStop Business Registry allows new and existing businesses to complete the most commonly required business registrations and transactions online, quickly and easily.

Through OneStop (available 24 hours a day, seven days a week) you can:

  • Register a sole proprietorship or general partnership in the Province of British Columbia.
  • Register with WorkSafeBC as an employer or apply for Personal Optional Protection coverage.
  • Register for a Provincial Sales Tax account with the Ministry of Finance.
  • Register for the Goods and Services Tax (GST), payroll deductions, corporate income tax and import/export accounts.
  • Apply for business licences with participating local governments / First Nations.
  • Apply for a business BCeID. This is an online service that makes it possible for you to use one login ID and password to sign in securely to any BCeID participating provincial government website.
  • Renew an existing liquor licence, or view the status of any changes you have requested to your liquor licence.

In addition:

  • You can get your Business Number (BN) through OneStop. This is a unique nine-digit “root” number assigned to your business that travels with you no matter what government agency you are working with – making it simpler and easier for you to do business with us.

One Stop Access

If you would like to use OneStop services but do not have your own computer, try one of the Service BC locations across the province, where public access terminals are available along with staff to help, if you need it.

Find the nearest location.

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