Renew a current security business licence

For people who have a B.C. security business licence that's expiring soon

Processing takes up to 6 weeks

Before you start

This service lets you renew a current (not expired) security business licence. If your licence has expired, visit Renew an expired security business licence.

What you'll need

Proof of general liability insurance that:

  • Is at least $1 million
  • Covers all your branch offices
  • Shows the name of the business and the dates of coverage
  • Is an active policy

The numbers and expiry dates of your employees' and controlling members' security worker licences.

You may also need


If your business name has changed

Proof of legal name change


If you would like to provide security services that aren't currently listed on your licence

You must have at least one employee who has a security worker licence in the same category you're applying for. You must provide their name and licence number.


If you would like to start providing Armoured Car Guard services

  • Proof that you own, lease or rent an approved armoured car
  • Safety certificate issued under section 37.04 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations


Processing time

If your renewal is approved, you can expect to get your renewed licence up to 6 weeks after you apply. However, it could take longer if:

  • The renewal application isn't complete
  • You pay the renewal fee late
  • SPD needs to complete a risk assessment

Renewal fees

Renewal fees are non-refundable.

Fees by renewal term
Renewal term Fee
1 year $275
2 years $550
3 years $825

Payment options

You can't pay by debit-credit card, personal cheque or business cheque.

Payment options by renewal method

Renewal method Payment options
  • Credit card (MasterCard or VISA)
  • Credit card (MasterCard or VISA)
  • Bank certified cheque
  • Money order




You can renew online or by mail. Applying Renewing online takes 15 minutes and is the fastest way to get your licence.


Submit fingerprints

Fingerprints are required again, after being suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Managers and controlling members who live in Canada must submit fingerprints if they haven't before. For example, if they had an exemption during the pandemic.

Ask managers and controlling members to:

  1. Download Form SPD 0507: Request for Fingerprinting Under the Security Services Act (PDF, 522KB)
  2. Complete the first page
  3. Give the whole form to a police station or fingerprinting agency. They will explain what to do next

Submit manager and controlling member information

If your business has new managers or controlling members, they must submit more information. 

Skip these steps if:

  • Your business doesn't have any new managers or controlling members to report
  • The new managers or controlling members have a valid security worker licence

After you renew

Security Programs Division (SPD) will review your renewal application. They may contact you by email if they need more information. Read about processing time.

Cancel renewal

To cancel your renewal, contact Security Programs Division. The renewal fee is non-refundable.

Contact information

Security Programs Division manages security business licence renewals.

Contact Security Programs Division