Bulletin 24-01: Promoting cannabis-friendly spaces and consuming cannabis on public patios

Last updated on February 14, 2024

Issue date: February 14, 2024

Who's impacted

This change applies to the following licences: 

  • Cannabis Retail Store (CRS) licensees and authorization holders
  • Producer Retail Store (PRS) licensees and authorization holders

What's changing

To support the legal cannabis industry in the province, the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) is making gradual changes to improve hospitality and tourism opportunities for the cannabis industry.

With changes to the Cannabis Control Regulation, licensees are able to promote a place to consume cannabis or to spend time after consuming cannabis. 

Additionally, smoking and vaping cannabis on public patios is now permitted where smoking and vaping tobacco are already allowed, subject to local or Indigenous government bylaws and other rules. 

Local governments, Indigenous nations, and police agencies are notified of these changes. If local authorities in your area have not heard about these changes, you can direct them to our website or email cannabisregs@gov.bc.ca

What's not changing

Cannabis consumption is still not allowed in cannabis stores. Licensees must ensure any cannabis consumption near their store is not within their establishment.

Terms and conditions

The restrictions on associations with another business in Section 5.1.7  of the CRS and PRS Licensee Handbooks are removed to ensure licensed and non-licensed businesses have equal opportunity to participate in cannabis advertising. For example, cannabis stores can now promote an outdoor consumption space (e.g., patio) at another business.

The language restricting the promotion of a place to consume cannabis or spend time after consuming cannabis is also removed from the CRS and PRS Licensee Handbooks.

Helpful information

It’s important to note that smoking and vaping cannabis on public patios is subject to Indigenous and local government bylaws and other rules, such as the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act and Regulation.

Read the Public Consumption Fact Sheet [626KB,PDF] to learn more about public consumption restrictions in B.C.

Licensees must continue to comply with the federal Cannabis Act and relevant local bylaws with respect to restrictions around cannabis advertising and promotions. 


The following examples are subject to local or Indigenous government bylaws and other rules, such as the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act and Regulation.

Consumption near a cannabis store

A cannabis store that has a picnic area next to their establishment can tell their customers they can consume cannabis at the picnic area as long as:

Smoking or vaping cannabis in designated smoking areas

Hospitality personnel (e.g., hotel staff) can tell customers that they can smoke or vape cannabis in designated smoking areas.

Cannabis events and tourism

A cannabis store or licensed producer can tell their customers about an upcoming cannabis event, cannabis-friendly accommodations and venues. 


Bulletins are for general information and may not apply to all situations. Bulletins do not constitute legal advice nor are they a comprehensive statement of the legal obligations that arise under the Liquor Control and Licensing Act, Cannabis Control and Licensing Act, regulations, or any other applicable laws.

When interpreting and applying the information contained in the Bulletins, you are encouraged to seek advice from your professional advisors as appropriate in the circumstances.



If you have questions about this policy change, email cannabisregs@gov.bc.ca.