Assessment Criteria & Process

The review criteria and guidelines have been developed in consultation with post-secondary system stakeholders and the Degree Quality Assessment Board – they’re applied equally to all public, private and out-of-province post-secondary institutions.

Learn more details about the review process for all institutions:

Private and out-of-province public institutions also must apply for:


Application fee: Institutions must pay a non-refundable $3,500 application fee before the Degree Quality Assessment Board reviews a proposal – the fee covers operation costs for the board. Institutions are invoiced via the Post-secondary Institution Proposal System (PSIPS).

An application fee is not charged for degree program applications from institutions with exempt status unless the application is referred to the board for review.

Review by external experts: Institutions must cover the cost of hiring consultants and any other expenses associated with completing an external expert review.

The average cost for review by external experts is $6,000:

  • $1,500 honorarium for the chair
  • $1,000 honorarium per expert
  • Expenses at provincial government rates

Institutions will receive an estimate and invoice specific to their external expert review from the board. All expenses must be paid before the review can begin.