Online Application System (PSIPS)

All applications for ministerial consent or approval must be submitted through the Post-secondary Institution Proposal System (PSIPS). PSIPS is a Web-based application for the submission and review of degree program proposals, applications for exempt status, and use of the word “university”.

System Requirements

User ID and password: Each institution must identify a contact person who will have a user ID and password – typically a senior academic officer of the institution.

PDFs: Documents will need to be submitted as PDFs (Portable Document Format) – you will need Adobe Acrobat software to save documents as PDFs.

Existing Users

New Users

Step 1: Please ensure you have reviewed the application and review steps, criteria and procedures, related legislation and other requirements, if applicable.

Step 2: Make sure your application and related appendices are complete and ready to submit.

Step 3: Email your request for a user ID and password