Exempt Status

Institutions may apply for exempt status to a particular degree level (e.g. baccalaureate, master’s or doctoral level) if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Note: Public institutions with exempt status are not required to have degree programs assessed unless:

  • The program is beyond the degree level for which they are exempt
  • The minister recommends a board review

Step 1 – Peer and public review: Institutions can apply for exempt status by submitting a proposal using PSIPS according to the exempt status review criteria and guidelines (PDF).The proposal is posted for public and peer review / commenting for 30 days – comments are sent to the submitting institution and copied to the board secretariat.

Any proprietary information should not be included in full program proposal – it should be attached separately in PSIPS as appendix document (appendices will not be posted on the public website).

Step 2 – Organization review (if applicable): Private and out-of-province institutions may also need to undergo an organization review as well. These reviews may be conducted either consecutively or concurrently.

Step 3 – Minister's decision: The minister reviews the proposal along with other assessment requirements before making a final decision.

In the case of private or out-of-province public institutions, the minister:

  • Must be satisfied that students can access their transcripts
  • Must be satisfied that an institution can protect the interests of students in the event that it cannot complete the delivery of the degree program
  • Will attach necessary terms and conditions

Step 4 – Notification: The institution is advised of the minister's decision. The decision and a synopsis of the process are posted online: