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Last updated on March 13, 2023

Last updated: November 9, 2020

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Developing a language curriculum

The Languages Template development package is provided by the Ministry of Education and Child Care to assist school districts and communities to develop language education programs for which there is local interest.

It guides developers through the process of producing a curriculum document which can be forwarded to the Ministry of Education and Child Care for provincial approval. A curriculum document provides the information schools districts and teachers need in order to implement a particular curriculum, such as language education program.

Section 1: Getting Started
This section describes the policies and procedures you need to know if you are thinking of developing a language education curriculum for use in BC Schools.

Section 2: Using the Languages Template
This section describes the essential features of a language education curriculum, explains how to use the Languages Template to develop a new language education curriculum, and defines what is expected in locally developed programs that will be submitted for provincial approval.

Section 3: The Languages Template
The Languages Template is a model to follow when developing a language education curriculum.

Ministry authorized template developed language curricula

This template has been used to create many Aboriginal and International language education curricula for languages found in B.C.

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