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Learn is a resource for B.C.’s 70,000+ certificate holders. Published 3 times per week, Learn provides:
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  • Inspirational stories from the field
  • Research findings pertaining to education
  • Important Ministry of Education news and events

Last updated: March 2, 2021
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  • December 2019
    ​​​​​​​​Aboriginal How Are We Doing Report, What Makes B.C.’s Education System Successful, Office of the Commissioner for Teacher Regulation Annual Report
  • November 2019
    Student Mental Health Initiatives, Boosting Indigenous Student Success, Youth Vaping
  • October 2019
    Core Competencies, Premier’s Awards, Changing Results for Young Children (CR4YC)
  • September 2019
    Early Learning Framework, Student Mental Health Funding, Graduation Assessment Requirements
  • August 2019
    New Grade 11/12 Curriculum, K-9 Student Reporting Policy Pilot, Back to School Updates
  • July 2019
    Summer Learning Loss, B.C.’s Redesigned Curriculum, Mental Health Resources
  • June 2019
    Children and Youth in Government Care, GLA 10 Resources, Professional Standards for B.C. Educators
  • May 2019
    Career Education Courses, B.C. Education Conference, Summer Pro-D Opportunities
  • April 2019
    Improving Transitions for Indigenous Learners, Open School BC Turns 100, Six-year Completion Rates
  • March 2019
    B.C.’s Next Generation of Teachers, Youth Innovation Day, Inclusive Education Videos
  • February 2019
    Promoting Wellness in Schools, erase resources, BC Passport, Career Guide for Indigenous People
  • January 2019
    B.C. Tripartite Education Agreement, erase_,_ B.C.’s Graduation Program, Premier’s Awards
  • Spring 2018
    Mindfulness and Wellbeing, Foundry, Stigma-free School in Saanich, BCTF Interview
  • Summer 2018
    Inclusive Education, Commissioner for Teacher Regulation, Industry Training Authority Interview, Best Buddies Program
  • Winter 2018
    Indigenization of the Education Program, Student Success Policy, BCASBO, Teaching Collaboratively
  • Spring 2017
    Code-ifying the Curriculum, BCPVPA & BC Student Voice Interviews, Offshore School Practicums, 2015 PISA Results
  • Summer 2017
    Grad Years Curriculum, BCSSA & BCSTA Interviews, Teaching in Rural & Remote Areas
  • Winter 2017
    SOGI at School, FISA & Association of BC Deans of Education Interviews, Holistic Approach to Mental Health, International Education Week
  • Spring 2016
    Offshore Schools Program, Welcoming Newcomers, Interview with Chair of BC Teachers’ Council
  • Summer 2016
    Community-based Learning, Promoting Social and Emotional Development, Cheakamus Centre
  • Winter 2016
    Real Acts of Caring, Child and Youth Safety, First Nations Education Steering Committee & BC CPAC Interviews
  • Spring 2015
    Ending Domestic Violence, BC Teachers’ Council, Learning Forum, Active Math, Reading Intervention Program
  • Summer 2015
    IB Program, International Summit on Teaching, Academics for Elite Athletes
  • Winter 2015
    Collaborating on Special Needs Education, Panel on Responsible Social Media Use, Supporting Gifted Students, New Trades Certificate
  • Spring 2014
    B.C.’s New Math Curriculum, Teaching on Money Management, ConnectEdBC
  • Summer 2014
    Project-based Learning, SFU Professor’s Approach to Curriculum Innovation, Opening Doors to Post-Secondary Education
  • Winter 2014
    ScribJab Storytelling App, English Language Learning Teaching Strategies, Improving Student Outcomes at Victoria Elementary School
  • Spring 2013
    Transforming B.C.’s curriculum, Trades Opportunities, Q&A with Commissioner for Teacher Regulation
  • Summer 2013
    Enhancing Teacher-Parent Communication, Digital Storybook Program, Changing Times Summit
  • Winter 2013
    First Nations Courses, Social Media Guidelines, Erase Bullying Training Sessions
  • Spring 2012
    New Model for Teacher Regulation, Improving Indigenous Student Achievement, Concussions in the Classroom
  • Summer 2012
    Self-Regulating Students, Strategies to Create “Teachability Zone”, Student Engagement
  • Winter 2012
    Early Learning and Reading Initiatives, Transforming B.C.’s Curriculum, Digital Literacy, All-Day Kindergarten