Learn: News and Resources for B.C. Teachers

Learn is a resource for B.C.’s 70,000+ certificate holders. Published weekly, Learn provides:
  • Helpful tips and resources for educators
  • Inspirational stories from the field
  • Research findings related to education
  • Important news and events happening in the K-12 sector

Previous issues

  Date Title Theme
  2021-05-25 Resources for Child Care Provider Appreciation Day Teacher Resources
  2021-05-10 Get to Know B.C.’s Education Minister (SD 68 Podcast) Teacher Resources
  2021-05-03 Educator Resources for Mental Health Week (May 3-9) Health and Wellness
  2021-04-26 Contest Invites Students to Design a Flag on the Theme of Accessibility Teacher Resources
  2021-04-20 Applying the Standards for B.C. Educators Teacher Certification
  2021-04-12 Celebrating B.C. Educators During Education Week 2021 Teacher Resources
  2021-04-08 Recognize Your Students with District/Authority Scholarships Teacher Resources
  2021-03-29  Pro-D Resources to Boost Your Physical Activity and Physical Literacy Teaching Skills Teacher Resources
  2021-03-22 New Resources to Help Kids Steer Clear of Gangs and Guns Teacher Resources
  2021-03-15 SOGI-Inclusive Education Resource Guide SOGI
  2021-03-08 Students and Staff Supported by New Mental Health in Schools Strategy Health and Wellness
  2021-03-01 New website helps students, parents, educators learn more about COVID-19 prevention in school COVID-19 Updates
  2021-02-23 New Learning Resource Promotes Gender Parity SOGI
  2021-02-16 New App Simplifies Students’ Daily Health Check COVID-19 Updates
  2021-02-09 2021 Moose Hide Campaign Indigenous Education
  2021-02-01 British Columbia Teachers’ Council Elections Teacher Certification
  2021-01-25 Leo's Journey: A Story That Must be Told Anti-Racism
  2020-11-01 11 Initiatives to Support Student Mental Health Health and Wellness
  2020-10-19 Promoting Social and Emotional Well-Being in Young Children Health and Wellness
  2020-09-04 Building Compassionate Communities in a New Normal (Free Webinar) Teacher Resources
  2020-09-01 Shouting Whales Offers Fun Lesson Plans for Grades 6 to 8 Teacher Resources
  2020-08-29 Detailed Return to Classroom Plans Posted Online COVID-19 Updates
  2020-08-27 Take a Look at the New Health and Safety Guidelines for the 2020/21 School Year COVID-19 Updates
  2020-08-20 Minister’s Roundtable on Anti-Racism Anti-Racism
  2020-08-17 K-12 Operational Guidelines Set Requirements for Masks COVID-19 Updates
  2020-08-14 Safety Measures for Schools COVID-19 Updates
  2020-08-12 Orientation Week Ensures a Safe, Ready and Welcome Return to School  COVID-19 Updates
  2020-08-10 What are Learning Groups? COVID-19 Updates
  2020-08-07 Get Your Students Exploring Their Senses with Science World Teacher Resources
  2020-08-01  A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity for Canadian Youth Teacher Resources
  2020-07-25 The Impact of School Closures on Children COVID-19 Updates
  2020-07-23 More French Language Resources at Your Local Library Teacher Resources
  2020-07-21 Helping Your Students During the Pandemic COVID-19 Updates
  2020-07-18 Looking for Early Years Pro-D and Resources? Teacher Resources
  2020-07-16 Resources for Teachers to Support the Understanding of Racism Anti-Racism
  2020-07-15 The Study that Caught Dr. Bonnie Henry's Attention COVID-19 Updates
  2020-07-09 Provincial Resources for FASD Students Garner Global Attention Teacher Resources
  2020-07-07 Do Grades Matter? Curriculum and Assessment 
  2020-07-04 Teachers Globally Are Becoming Allies Anti-Racism
  2020-07-01 Planning for September COVID-19 Updates
  2020-06-28 Thank You for Rising to the Challenge! COVID-19 Updates
  2020-06-25 Talking About Racism in the Classroom: Free Professional Development Sessions for Educators Anti-Racism
  2020-06-23 Working Together with One Heart, One Mind, One Thought Health and Wellness
  2020-06-21 B.C. Celebrates National Indigenous Peoples Day Indigenous Education
  2020-06-18 Trauma-Informed Practice Resources for Educators Health and Wellness
  2020-06-17 Positive Experiences Continue Through Week 2 COVID-19 Updates
  2020-06-15 BC Summer Reading Club Goes Online Teacher Resources
  2020-06-11 Teachers Share Their Experiences About Stage 3 COVID-19 Updates
  2020-06-09 Your Teaching Certificate Now Available Online Teacher Certification
  2020-06-04 Diversity and Multiculturalism Resources for Your Classroom  Anti-Racism
  2020-06-03 Shelley Moore Offers Home Learning Tips in New Online Series COVID-19 Updates
  2020-06-03 Monterey Middle School Shares Virtual Walk Through COVID-19 Updates
  2020-05-30 Your Top 6 Questions Answered about Expanding In-Class Instruction COVID-19 Updates
  2020-05-29 Why is B.C. Expanding In-Class Instruction? COVID-19 Updates
  2020-05-26 Live Today at 10 am: WE 2020 End of School Year Celebration COVID-19 Updates
  2020-05-23 Expansion of In-Class Instruction: Your Questions Answered COVID-19 Updates
  2020-05-20 Live Tonight: K-12 Education Townhall with Minister Rob Fleming COVID-19 Updates
  2020-05-19 YMCA Launches New Online Resource for Teachers COVID-19 Updates
  2020-05-16 Return to In-Class Learning COVID-19 Updates
  2020-05-14 Education Assistants Find Creative Ways to Continue Supporting Students COVID-19 Updates
  2020-05-12 How a Teacher’s Simple Gesture Helped a Student Find His Courage COVID-19 Updates
  2020-05-09 Teachers Support Soon-to-Graduate Students Amidst Pandemic COVID-19 Updates
  2020-05-07 New Mental Health Resources for Teachers Health and Wellness
  2020-05-05 Together We Learn Newsletter and Website COVID-19 Updates
  2020-05-02 Schools Continue Morning Announcements Amidst Pandemic COVID-19 Updates
  2020-04-30 Dr. Bonnie Henry Makes Special Address to B.C. Educators and Support Staff COVID-19 Updates
  2020-04-28 Frequently Asked Questions on Continuity of Learning COVID-19 Updates
  2020-04-25 Teachers Deliver Assignments to Students by School Bus COVID-19 Updates
  2020-04-23 School Staff Deliver More Than 75,000 Weekly Meals to Families COVID-19 Updates
  2020-04-21 Continuity of Learning Planning Guide for Teachers COVID-19 Updates
  2020-04-18  Teachers Use 3D Printers to Equip Essential Service Workers COVID-19 Updates
  2020-01-27 Equity in Action: Supporting Indigenous Student Success  Indigenous Education
  2019-12-30 Digital Literacy Activities for Your Classroom Teacher Resources
  2019-12-01 Commissioner for Teacher Regulation 2018/19 Annual Report Teacher Certification
  2019-11-29 4 Strategies to Better Support Indigenous Learners Indigenous Education
  2019-11-29 SOGI Summit Addresses Inclusivity and Safe Spaces for Students SOGI
  2019-11-01 Are Your Students Ready if Disaster Strikes? Teacher Resources
  2019-10-31 Keeping B.C. at the Forefront of Teacher Education Teacher Certification
  2019-10-31 Exploring the Core Competencies Curriculum and Assessment 
  2019-09-25 Meet Alex Nelson: Community Leader and Residential School Survivor Indigenous Education
  2019-09-25 Continuing Our Learning Journey: Indigenous Education in B.C. Indigenous Education
  2019-09-25 Early Learning Framework Teacher Resources
  2019-09-25 Physical and Health Education Supports for K-12 Curriculum Implementation Curriculum and Assessment 
  2019-08-28 Grade 10 Graduation Literacy Assessment Fact Sheet Curriculum and Assessment 
  2019-08-28 Exploring the Redesigned Grades 11/12 Curriculum Curriculum and Assessment 
  2019-08-28 K-9 Student Progress Reporting Policy Pilot Project Curriculum and Assessment 
  2019-07-26 Infographic: BC's Redesigned Curriculum Curriculum and Assessment 
  2019-06-26 In Profile: Denise Augustine Indigenous Education
  2019-06-01 New Professional Standards for BC Educators Announced Teacher Certification
  2019-05-29 Guiding Students on Their Career-Life Journey Curriculum and Assessment 
  2019-04-24 10 Ways to Improve Transitions for Indigenous Learners Indigenous Education
  2019-03-27 The Next Generation of Teachers Teacher Certification
  2019-01-30 Supporting Student Success: BC Tripartite Education Agreement Indigenous Education
  2019-01-30 Implementing the B.C. Graduation Program Curriculum and Assessment