B.C. education 2019 exam error compensation

In July 2019 some Grade 12 students received incorrect Provincial Exam marks. A tabulation error was made. Based on recommendations from the BC Ombudsperson we have established a compensation program for students (PDF). If you believe that you suffered a financial loss because of the tabulation error, you may be eligible for compensation

Last updated: March 01, 2021

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This program may apply to you if:

  • In June 2019 you wrote a Grade 12 provincial exam for English 12, Communications 12 or Français langue première 12 or
  • You had a transcript order in the StudentTranscripts Service and were directly impacted by the events of July 2019 (see Transcript Order Type) and
  • You suffered a financial loss or a reasonable expense from the exam tabulation error

Only the courses listed above were affected by the error. If you have any concerns about other results on your transcript you should contact your school or school district or email EDUCComp@gov.bc.ca before submitting a claim.


  • You received an incorrect exam mark in English 12, Communications 12 or Français langue première 12, and the corrected mark went up or down or
  • Your Student Transcripts Service order was impacted by the June 2019 exam session error (see  Transcript order types) or
  • Even though your marks were not impacted, you made a decision or did something as a result of the exam tabulation error to confirm your results 


  • You suffered financial loss or expense because of the tabulation error through a third party (for example, a post-secondary institution (PSI)) or related issues with your transcript order)

Two key questions will help you determine if a financial loss or expense reasonably arose from the 2019 exam tabulation error:

  • Would the expense or loss have happened if there had not been a tabulation error? 


  • Was the loss or expense non-refundable?

See examples of potential claims


Preparing a claim

If you think you have an eligible claim, you need to have:

Personal Education Number (PEN)

  • You will need to provide your PEN to submit a claim so your submission can be verified against your graduation records and transcript order history.  Get help finding your PEN

Description of loss

  • Fully describe the nature of the loss or expense. In the description, please provide as many details as possible including dates, times, who the funds were paid to

Evidence of expense or loss

Along with the description, please include evidence such as receipts, invoices or correspondence to help confirm your claim

For your claim please provide:

  • Your name
  • The name and address of the payee (to whom the amount was paid)
  • The purpose of the payment
  • The date and dollar amount

If there was an expense or loss suffered by another party (such as a parent) on your behalf, please include those details in your claim. We will only reimburse students. Any further financial settlements are the responsibility of the student and the other party.

For rental deposits, it will be necessary to provide a copy of the contract. 

Please make sure credit card receipts are clear and easy to read and include the payee, location, date and description of the expense. 

If you are seeking reimbursement for a financial loss or expense of a decision made by a PSI, or a scholarship or other organization, it will be necessary to submit the decision letter / email, as well as contact details (email address and phone number), so the adjudicator can contact the organization for verification purposes.

If you are claiming a missed scholarship due to an incorrect low mark, it will be necessary to obtain a note from the scholarship adjudication personnel that clearly states the reason you did not win was due to the incorrect mark or the delay in receiving an accurate transcript that resulted from the exam tabulation error. 

If you missed work or lost wages, you will need to provide the name and contact details of your employer, so that the adjudicator can verify the claim. 


Transcript order types 

There are three scenarios in which student transcripts containing errors related to the June 2019 exam session may have been received by Post Secondary Institutions and other organizations before the errors were corrected. These are:

  1. Prior to July 12th, 2019, you placed an order to one of the five B.C. universities set up to receive ongoing transcript updates for a selected period
  2. Prior to July 12th, 2019, you placed an order to send your ‘interim and final marks when available’ to a B.C., Alberta or Ontario post-secondary institution that receives electronic files with interim marks in May and final marks in July
  3. Between 12:00am (PST) Saturday, July 27th and 9:00pm (PST) Tuesday, July 30th you were able to place a ‘send now’ type order to a post-secondary institution or other third party that had an incorrect grade due to the exam tabulation error on the transcript

There was also a two-day delay for students who had, prior to July 12th 2019, placed an order to send ‘final marks when available’ to a post-secondary institution that receives final transcripts by regular mail (paper) only. 

If your transcript order type did not fit one of the above scenarios (including the two-day delay), which we will verify, then decisions or actions will not have been based on the error.

Making a claim

The deadline for submissions closed May 24, 2021.

Examples of potential claims

If you received an incorrect mark in June 2019, here are some examples of financial losses or reasonable expenses:

  • Deposit or cancellation fee: if you registered in a course that you would not have signed on for had the correct mark been available
  • Travel or other administrative expenses: if you used courier services to prove the tabulation error was responsible for the incorrect grade
  • Travel change fees or lost wages: if you missed work because of the tabulation error and/ or travelled to engage in a PSI appeal process

You may have delivered an incorrect mark or been delayed in submitting an accurate transcript (caused by the 2019 exam issue) that resulted in the loss of an award or scholarship.

Note: there must be confirmation from the award adjudicators that the loss was directly connected to the 2019 exam tabulation error and related events. 

After receiving news of the 2019 provincial exam tabulation error, you may have paid fees to us to place additional transcript orders or have the exam results re-marked. While we reimbursed fees for many students at the time, some impacted individuals may not have been made aware of this option.

There may be other loss scenarios. When describing your expense or loss, remember that you must have reasonable evidence that the loss or expense would not have occurred if your marks had been correctly released the first time. You must also show that your losses were not recoverable (such as, non-refundable).


Appeal process

If your claim is denied, you can appeal the decision. The appeal must be filed within 10 days of receiving the initial decision.

The appeal must be in writing and include the reference number provided in the determination letter.

Appeal claims must clearly identify what aspects are being requested for reconsideration.

Any additional information about the Appeal process will be provided with the notifications to claimants