Local Education Agreement (LEA) / Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) / Self-Government

The Ministry of Education and Child Care provides funding to School Districts for students in the BC public school system, kindergarten to grade 12.

The Federal Government provides funding to First Nations for students who are ordinarily resident on-reserve and in the BC public school system, kindergarten to grade 12.  These students are the educational responsibility of the Federal Government.

As a result of both Provincial and Federal involvement, there is potential of double funding the same student(s).  When this occurs, the Province does a recovery of provincial funds.

To aid in the recovery process, a student rate for each School District is calculated.  This rate is the average educational cost per one Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) student.  In turn, the School Districts may use these rates to invoice First Nations for educational costs.

In the event there are payment issues between the School Districts and the First Nations, School Districts provide an accounts receivable form at the end of every school year to the ministry stating any outstanding balances owed by the First Nations.