Reporting on Kindergarten to 12

Last updated on January 30, 2024

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 Information to support student learning

Get a better look at data use new features like infographics and data visualizations to navigate data from the B.C. school system.

This makes it easier to:

  • Analyze student performance at provincial and local levels
  • See the same information that schools and districts use for strategic planning

Visit our interactive K to 12 school system reporting tool:

Reporting tool

Reports from other ministries/agencies


Protection of privacy

Under legislation, a public body may disclose personal information for research or statistical purposes. Protection of privacy, however, must be ensured when data is reported.
To prevent associating statistical data with any identifiable individual, when reporting personal information, numbers or percentages are suppressed if they are elements of a population that are less than ten. When working with small population numbers, care is taken to suppress (mask) identifying information when reporting aggregated data.
This policy applies to all school, district and ministry staff involved with reporting personal information and any other organization reporting information provided by the ministry.
Part 3, Division 2 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act sets out the use and disclosure of personal information by public bodies and disclosure for research or statistical purposes.



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