Graduation ListServ

The Graduation ListServ is an electronic forum used for discussion among educators about graduation policies and practice. It's unmoderated, public, open and non-archived. Members can post suggestions or questions to everyone included on the ListServ.


  • Post when you have comments relevant to everyone on the list - keep them brief and professional
  • Discussion topics, or threads, can be started by any member
  • Initial postings should be concise and include a topic description in the subject line
  • When using the "Reply All" function, be sure your message is relevant to everyone, otherwise reply to a specific person only
  • Courtesy for differing opinions is expected - a variety of opinions adds to the discussion and strengthens the value of the ListServ
  • Limit each posting to a single topic so that discussion threads can be followed
  • When adding comments to an existing discussion thread, leave or copy just enough thread content necessary for context
  • Stay on topic - discussions relating to Graduation Program policy application in B.C.
  • Please don't start a discussion thread to complain about the ListServ - either delete messages without reading them or cancel your subscription
  • Feel free to invite a friend to join the ListServ