Classroom Assessment and Reporting

Classroom assessment is an integral part of the instructional process and can serve as meaningful sources of information about student learning. Feedback from ongoing assessment in the classroom can be immediate and personal for a learner and guide the learner to understand their misconceptions and use the information to set new learning goals.

The goal of reporting and communicating student learning is to ensure that parents are well informed about their student’s progress. Effective communication between the home and the school is central to student success. Improving and ensuring effective practices for reporting and communicating student learning assures that students and parents will receive information about the student’s progress in a timely and responsive manner.


Classroom Assessment

Evaluating and Reporting


Your Kid's Progress Engagement Summary Report

The Your Kid’s Progress public engagement process represented an unprecedented level of direct conversation. A total of 5,531 feedback forms were submitted in English and French, and 379 members of the public attended 11 community open houses. In addition, 63 participants attended small group parent meetings in eight communities. In these meetings, randomly selected participants discussed reporting and completed feedback forms to provide their input on their experience of current reporting practices.

The level of participation resulted in a meaningful conversation about the future of education in B.C. and the collection of ideas to help shape the future of how we communicate student learning. This report offers a description of the public engagement process, a summary of key themes from each community open house and small group parent meeting, and a summary of the feedback collected via the online survey.