National and International Assessment

British Columbia students take part in several national and international assessments. The results from these assessments help us to understand how B.C. is doing compared to other jurisdictions. National and international assessments are conducted on a random sample basis.

National Assessment

National assessments are written by students from across Canada. Results from these assessments allow for comparisons in student achievement over time and among the provinces. The three territories do not currently take part in national assessments, though the Yukon has participated in the past.

British Columbia participates in:

International Assessments

International assessments are written by students from around the world. The presentation of results is by jurisdiction. A jurisdiction is a country or a region (such as a province) with its own education system. International assessments results allow for the comparisons of student achievement over time, and among national and international jurisdictions. 

British Columbia participates in the following international assessments: