School Act Ministerial Orders

Last updated: September 29, 2023

Ministerial Order Ministerial Order No.
Table of Contents for this Section (PDF)  
Accounting Practices M33/09 (PDF)
Anaphylaxis Protection M232/07 (PDF)
Board Authorized Course M285/04 (PDF)
Board of Education Fees M236/07 (PDF)
British Columbia Adult Graduation Requirements M320/04 (PDF)
British Columbia Provincial Resource Program for the Deaf M47/00 (PDF)
Child Care M326/20 (PDF)
Disposal of Land or Improvements M193/08 (PDF)
Educational Program Guide M333/99 (PDF)
Enhancing Student Learning Reporting M302/20 (PDF)
Graduation Program M302/04 (PDF)
Individual Education Plan M638/95 (PDF)
Investigation by Superintendent M151/89 (PDF)
Land and Improvements Reporting Order M87/23 (PDF)
Learning Update M184/23 (PDF)
Permanent Student Record M082/09 (PDF)
Provincial Graduation Assessments M410/04 (PDF)
Provincial Fees M140/89 (PDF)
Provincial Letter Grades M192/94 (PDF)
Provincial Resource Program M189/08 (PDF)
Provincial Standards for Codes of Conduct M276/07 (PDF)
Repeal of Schools Department Circular No. 50 Order M8/90 (PDF)
Required Areas of Learning in an Educational Program M295/95 (PDF)
School and Student Data Collection M152/89 (PDF)
School Opening and Closure M194/08 (PDF)
Special Needs Students M150/89 (PDF)
Student Credentials M164/96 (PDF)
Student Learning Assessment M60/94 (PDF)
Student Records Disclosure M14/91 (PDF)
Support Services for Schools M149/89 (PDF)
Work Experience M237/11 (PDF)