Post-implementation discussion questions for flexible work

Last updated: August 2, 2022

Use the following questions to initiate and guide conversation with your supervisor/employee/team after a flexible work plan has been implemented.

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A telework agreement must be approved by your supervisor if you're working at home or another location outside of the office. 

Initiate and guide conversation

Use the following questions to initiate and guide conversation with your supervisor/employee/team.

You may choose to use the questions in different ways:

  • Discuss in your regular one-on-one meetings
  • Add a few questions to a regular team meeting agenda
  • Use as part of a team meeting scheduled specifically to check in how on a flexible work arrangement is working for the team, and brainstorm changes to improve the arrangement

post-implementation questions


How to take notes to track ongoing dialogue

Wherever you use these questions, you may find it helpful to make notes (including the date and occasion when you used them) to help you keep track of the ongoing dialogue and any challenges or solutions discovered:

  1. What benefits have arisen because of the flexible work arrangement?
  2. What issues in our relationship or in the team have arisen because of flexible work arrangements that we need to work on? What changes do we need to make?
  3. How well are our expectations about communications, accessibility and trust being met?
  4. When is the last time we checked in to see on how the flexible work arrangement is going?
  5. What tips or solutions to issues to improve the flexible work arrangement are working and might benefit others?
  6. Does something in the telework agreement need to be addressed or modified?