Work-Able Internship Program

Work-Able is a twelve-month BC Public Service paid work experience program for recent post-secondary graduates with disabilities. This unique program provides learning, coaching and mentorship throughout the internship.

When you complete the Work-Able internship, you will have increased knowledge, skills, abilities and experience and a five-year in-service status that may lead to employment opportunities in the provincial government.

Applicable Job Codes

Job Code 794020 363004
Salary Plan GEU OEX
Bargaining Unit Code 3 0


Grid 13, Step 1

Rates effective April 1, 2018

Step Annual Monthly Bi-weekly Hourly
1 45,069.79 3,755.82 1,727.52 24.6789

Previous Pay Rates

Rates effective February 4, 2018

Step Annual Bi-weekly Hourly
1 44,845.68 1,718.93 24,5562

Rates effective April 2, 2017

Step Annual Bi-weekly Hourly
1 44,182.75 1,693.52 24.1931