Crown Counsel Manager

Crown counsel managers supervise Crown counsel. Crown counsel means any barrister and solicitor who is employed by the criminal justice branch, who is an employee under the Public Service Act.

This position is related to the legal counsel series. Crown counsel managers

  • Supervise other legal counsel, including performance reviews
  • Provide direction and determine strategy for the most difficult and complex cases and issues
  • Manage as office or work unit
  • Build multi-dimensional teams reflective of operational needs
  • Build community capacity and community liaison

Applicable Job Codes

  Crown Counsel
Job Code 441405
Salary Plan LGL
Bargaining Unit Code 0


Up to 7% greater than Legal Counsel 4 level

Rates effective April 1, 2017

Step Annual Monthly Biweekly Hourly
Maximum  219,154.56  18,262.88 8,400.17 120.0024

Previous Pay Rates

Rates effective April 1, 2016

Step Annual Monthly Biweekly Hourly
Maximum  216,406.31  18,033.86  8,294.83 118.4976

Previous rates effective April 1, 2015

Step Annual Monthly Biweekly Hourly
Maximum  212,266.98 17,688.92 8,136.17 116.2310