Administrative Tribunal Chair

"Chair" means the person who is appointed as the chair of an administrative tribunal under the administrative tribunal's enabling legislation and who is responsible for the management and operation of the administrative tribunal.

An administrative tribunal is an independent entity established by legislation to make quasi-judicial decisions or to resolve disputes.

Applicable Job Codes

Job Code 053501
Salary Plan VAR
Grade NFS
Bargaining Unit Code N/A


Rates effective May 1, 2020

Administrative Tribunal Group Annual
Group 1 124,000 - 137,000
Group 2 137,000 - 147,000
Group 3 147,000 - 168,000
Group 4 168,000 - 190,000
Group 5 190,000 - 210,000

Related Information

Full time tribunal appointees are Order in Council (OIC), Category "C" unless specifically noted as being otherwise. An appointee may be paid remuneration or reimbursed for expenses in accordance with Treasury Board Directive 1/20, Remuneration Guidelines for Appointees to Administrative Tribunals.

The Appointee Remuneration Committee, administered by the Public Sector Employers' Council Secretariat, determines which group each administrative tribunal falls within. The administrative tribunal administers the remuneration, benefits and expenses payable to appointees in accordance with the Remuneration Guidelines. See a list of Administrative Tribunals.