Project Cargo Corridors

Last updated on October 11, 2022

Apply for a Project Cargo Corridor Permit to transport some non-reducible loads between major B.C. ports and the Alberta border at Highway 16.

About B.C.’s Project Cargo Routes

Project cargo corridors will help simplify the permit approval process,  save time and increase confidence for carriers and shippers.

Follow these steps to apply for a Project Cargo Corridor pre-approval:

  1. Decide whether to use these corridors
  2. Check road conditions and events that could impact your travel
  3. Obtain approvals
  4. Obtain permits

Decide Whether to Use These Corridors

Project cargo corridors will allow for non-reducible loads on pre-approved configurations up to approximately 125,000 kg gross combination vehicle weight to obtain permits to travel between two major ports, Fraser Surrey Docks or Lynnterm East Gate, and the BC/AB border at Highway 16, without requiring them to complete the traditional extraordinary load approval process.

Maximum dimensions for these pre-approvals are 4.88 m high, 5.0 m wide and approximately 45 to 50 m long (pre-approved length varies by vehicle configuration and route). Please note that interaxle spacings and axle spreads are controlled for these pre-approved vehicles.

For other vehicle combinations or other interaxle spacings and axle spreads on the same routes, or for variations to the pre-approved routes including changes to start or end points, please use the Extraordinary Load Approval process (provincial) and contact municipalities directly.

Obtain Approvals

  • Apply for transportation permit approvals from all jurisdictions on your route by submitting your completed CVSE1049PC to the contacts listed in the Approvals section at the end of your permit conditions document. These approvals take two business days to process.
  • If the overall height of your loaded vehicle configuration is over 4.15 m, you will also need approval from BC Hydro and Telus for travel on the municipal segments of your route in the Lower Mainland. These utility approvals take about 5 days to process, and can be completed up to 90 days before your move. To apply, send your completed CVSE1049PC and Project Cargo Utilities Worksheet to the contact information at the bottom of the Worksheet.

Vancouver to BC/AB Border at Highway 16

Please use the links below to find the applicable permit condition and contact information based on the route and preapproved configuration chosen. 

Obtain Permits

Once you have received all your approvals, you may obtain permits using the contact information in the Permits section at the end of your permit conditions document.

Road Conditions and Events

B.C. Highways

Check DriveBC for road conditions and events on B.C. Highways.

Municipal Construction Updates

Effective Dates Location
Link is kept current. Please check for Vancouver construction updates.
Until further notice.

District of North Vancouver

Dominion Street from Mountain Highway to Harbour Avenue is fully closed until further notice. To see whether passage through the work site can be arranged contact Site Superintendent Glen Barker, Jacob Bros, 778 879-1649.

Affects all LT-AB-H479 and LT-AB-H488 routes.

















Permit Condition Document Naming
Permit Condition Document Naming

Permit Condition Document Naming Convention

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