Catalogue of Traffic Signs Updates

Last updated on February 1, 2024

This page explains major revisions to chapters or sections within the Catalogue of Traffic Signs. Updates may include new or revised guidelines, errata corrections and may incorporate previously issued Technical Bulletins.

Updates to Catalogue of Traffic Signs
Document Update Instructions Date Issued
Regulatory Signs Updated R-047-2b 2024-02-01
Service and Attraction Signs Updated E Series Arrows 2024-02-01
Parking & Stopping Signs Updated P-06-8 Series 2023-12-11
Guide Signs Updated G-034-x Tabs, G-035-x, G-050-Tcx, G050-Tdxx, G-100-xx 2023-11-24
Warning Signs Updated W-042-1xxx thumbnail size 2023-11-24
Warning Signs Updated W-042 to W-042-1 (page 39) 2023-10-31
Parking & Stopping Signs Updated P-066-8 Series 2023-10-31
Regulatory Signs Added R-112-2 Series 2023-10-25
Information Signs Updated I-090LR to include 300mm yellow lamp 2023-10-20
Introduction Standard Sign Catalogue and 
Introduction Supplemental Sign Catalogue 
Removed cover and are using same introduction for both documents 2023-07-12
Introduction Standard Sign Catalogue Updated contacts and broken links 2023-07-12
Bicycle Signs Updated B-R-101 Tabs 2023-07-10
Construction Signs Added C-113 and C-112 Tab
C-003 - Survey Crew
C-003-x - Survey Crew
C-003-A - Survey Crew AHEAD
C-003-A-x - Survey Crew AHEAD
C-003-Ta - Drone Survey Tab (Option A) – To be used with C-003 or C-003-A
C-003-Ta-x - Drone Survey Tab (Option A) – To be used with C-003 or C-003-A
C-003-Tb - Drone & Graphic Tab (Option B) – To be used with C-003 or C-003-A
C-003-Tb-x - Drone & Graphic Tab (Option B) – To be used with C-003 or C-003-A
C-003-2 - Drone in Use & Graphic
C-003-2-x - Drone in Use & Graphic
Warning Signs Updated W-165-1, W-165-2. W-165-3 2023-07-10
Information Signs Added I-068 and I-091 Series 2023-05-18
Warning Signs Updated W-055-4 2023-04-27
Commercial Vehicle Signs Updated CV-130-1 OL & OLu & OLx 2023-04-25
Guide Signs Updated 
G-007-2OH, OH-x
G-007-3OH, OH-x
G-007-4OH, OH-x
G-007-5LOH, OH-x
G-007-5ROH, OH-x
G-008-1A, 1Ax
G-008-2A, 2Ax
G-009, 9-x
G-065-3-Ta, Tax, Taxx
G-065-4-Ta, Tax, Taxx
G-131-EL, u,-x
Information Signs Updated
I-082-4, -4x
I-082-5, -5x
Regulatory Signs Updated
R-047-1a, 1ax
R-047-1b, 1bx 
R-047-1ab Overlays
R-047-2a, 2ax
R-047-2b, 2bx
R-047-2ab Overlays
R-048-1a, 1ax
R-048-1b, 1bx
R-053-1 OL
R-053-2a, 2ax & 2axx
R-053-2b, 2bx & 2bxx
R-053-3, 3x
R-125-1Tau, 1Ta, 1Tax
R-129-1TbLR, u, x
R-129-1Tcu, 1Tc, 1Tcx
R-129-1Tdu, 1Td, 1Tdx
R-129-1Teu, 1Te, 1Tex
R-129-2Tau, 2Ta, 2Tax
R-129-2Tbu, 2Tb, 2Tbx
R-129-2Tcu, 2Tc, 2Tcx
R-129-2Tdu, 2Td, 2Tdx
R-129-2Teu, 2Te, 2Tex
R-129-3Tau, 3Ta, 3Tax
R-129-3Tbu, 3Tb, 3Tbx
R-129-3Tcu, 3Tc, 3Tcx
Warning Signs Updated 
W-007-2Ru, 2R
W-133-1T-xxx also renumbered W-313-1T-xxx
Warning Signs Updated W-005 Series, W-064 Series 2023-04-12
Bicycle Signs Updated B-R-102 Series 2023-03-21
Bicycle Signs Added B-R-102 Series 2023-03-13
Construction Signs Updated C-133-Ta-x and C-133-Tb-x  2023-01-31
Regulatory Signs

R-122-1 Series with R-120-1 Series
R-122-2 Series with R-120-2 Series
R-123-1 Series with R-120-3 Series
R-123-2 Series with R-120-4 Series
R-118-1 Series with R-121-1 Series
R-118-2 Series with R-121-2 Series
R-119-1 Series with R-121-3 Series
R-119-2 Series with R-121-4 Series
R-120-1 Series with R-122-1 Series
R-120-2 Series with R-122-2 Series
R-121-1 Series with R-122-3 Series
R-121-1Ta Series with R-122-3Ta Series
R-121-1Tf Series with R-122-3Tb Series
R-121-2 Series with R-122-4 Series
R-121-IteA Series with R-129-1Ta Series
R-121-1TeLR Series with 129-1TbLR
R-121-1Tb Series with R-129-2Ta Series
R-121-1Tc Series with R-129-2Tb Series
R1-21-1Td Series with R-129-2Tc Series
R-126 Series with R-190-1 Series
R-127 Series with R-190-2 Series
R-127 -T Series with R-190-2Ta Series

R120-3Ta Series
R-123-1 Series
R-123-2 Series
R-123-3 Series
R-123-4 Series
R-124-1A Series
R-124-1L Series
R-124-1R Series
R-124-2A Series
R-124-2D Series
4-124-2L Series
R-124-2R Series
R-125-1L Series
R-125-1R Series
R-125-1Ta Series
R-129-!Tc Series
R-129-1Td Series
R-129-1Te Series
R-129-2Td Series
R-129-2Te Series
R-129-3Ta Series
R-129-3Tb Series
R-129-3Tc Series

Revert to Zr Sign​
R-122-3 Series
R-122-4 Series
R-122-5 Series
R-122-6 Series
R-124-1 Series
R-124-1T Series
R-124-2 Series
R-124-3 Series
R-124-4 Series
R-125-1 Series
R-125-2 Series  


R-120-3Tau, R-120-3Ta, revise approval to STSE, and correct application information to “Static, Local Road / Low Speed”.
R-120-4U, R-120-4, previous series reference corrected to: R-123-2 Series
R-122-3Ta, corrected to 750 x 600 mm for R-122-3Ta size.
R-123-1U, R-123-1, R-123-1x, corrected sign previously listed as: Zr-120-3, R-129-1 Series.
R-124-1Au, R-124-1A, R-124-1Ax corrected previous numbers to: Previous numbers: Zr-015-4xx, Zr-017-4xx Series, R-129-3A Series.Typically installed overhead.

Roundabout Signs Updated Rb-R-502-T Series 2023-02-15
Pedestrian & School Signs Updated PS-001 Series 2023-01-31
Construction Signs Updated C-003-Tb 2023-01-31
Regulatory Signs Added R-075-5 2023-01-31
Warning Signs Added W-165 Series 2023-01-31
Bicycle Signs Added B-I-001 Series 2023-01-31
Guide Signs Updated G-011-1x 2022-12-19
Regulatory Signs Added R-260-1 Series 2022-12-19
Warning Signs Updated W-123-2 Series 
Added W-312 Series 
Information Signs Updated I-050-1, I-050-2, I-104, I-106-50, I-106-60 I-106-70, I-106-80, I-106-90, I-106-100, I-109, I-110 2022-11-21
Guide Signs Updated G-008-1A, G-008-2A, G-092-L, G-092R, G-094-A, G-094-L, G-094-R 2022-11-21
Parking & Stopping Signs Added P-080-1 2022-11-21
Section 9.0 - Wine Route Signs Updated WR-100-x Tabs 2022-10-26
Guide Signs Updated G-11-2 Series 2022-10-26
Regulatory Signs Updated R-015 Tabs
Added R-281, R-287
Pedestrian & School Signs Updated PS-020 2022-10-13
Regulatory Signs Added Tab R-006-Ta 2022-10-06
Warning Signs Updated W-064-11 Series 
Updated W-115 Series 
Added W-115-4 Series 
Updated W-123 Series 
Added W-123-2 Series 
Updated W-309-4 Series 
Added W-318-Rxxx Series and RW-318-xxx Series 
Construction Signs Added C-049 Series 2022-09-21
Information Signs Added I-0048 Series 2022-09-21
Bicycle Signs Updated B-G-010-2 2022-09-21
Warning Signs Added W-068 and W-069 2022-06-28
Construction Signs Updated C-035 Fab Specs 2022-06-07
Pedestrian & School Signs Added PS-001-xxx 2022-06-07
Warning Signs Updated W-012-xxx 2022-06-07
Construction Signs Updated ASTM Corrections for C-080-T Series 2022-05-24
Information Signs Updated I-082 Series 2022-05-24
Regulatory Signs Updated Regulatory Section - R-180, R-181, R-182 and R-183 Series 2022-05-24
Standard Traffic Signs Appendix 4 – Approved Sign Suppliers Updated supplier 2022-05-06
Construction Signs Updated C-049 Series 2022-04-28
Regulatory Signs Added R0286 Series 2022-04-28
Information Signs Added I-082-3 Series 2022-04-25
Warning Signs Updated W-329 2022-04-25
Standard Traffic Signs -
Appendix 4
Updated - Sign Suppliers 2022-02-23
Pedestrian & School Signs Revised PS-020 Series 2022-02-23
Regulatory Signs Added
R-010 Series, R-010-T Series
R-033 Series, R-034 Series
R-104 Series (borders returned to dashed outline)
R-019 Series
Parking & Stopping Signs Added P-017 2022-02-18
Warning Signs Added W-010-1-xxxx 2022-02-18
Parking & Stopping Signs Added
P-014-5, P-014-6
Regulatory Signs Updated
R-045 – Borders Revised
R-104 – Borders Revised
Warning Signs

Added - W-328-3Lxxx

Standard Traffic Signs -
Appendix 4
Updated Recognized Suppliers 2021-12-02
Information Signs Corrections to I-019-1a-Ta, I-020-4Ta, I-023-2, I-027, I-027-x 2021-11-04
Warning Signs Corrections to W-010 Series, W324-R Series, W-325 2021-11-04
Parking & Stopping Signs Added P-020 Series 2021-09-29
Regulatory Signs Updated
R-045 Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-053-1, R-053-1 OL
R-053-1 Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-053-3 series with R-053-3 series

R-104 Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-104 Tabs: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum

R-200-1 Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-200-1D Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-200-1L Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-200-1R Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum

R-200-2 Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-200-2D Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-200-2L Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-200-2R Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum

R-200-3 Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-200-3D Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-200-3L Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-200-3R Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum

R-200-4 Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-200-4D Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-200-4L Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-200-4R Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum

R-200-5 Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum

R-200-6 Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum

R-200 Tabs: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum

R-201-1 Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-201-D Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-201-2 Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum
R-201-2D Series: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum

R-201 Tabs: Change 16mm MDO Ply to 0.081 Flat Aluminum

R-047a series with R-047-1a series
R-047b series with R047-1b series
R-048a series with R-048-1a series
R-048b series with R-048-1b series
R-053-2 series with R-053-2a series, R-053-2b series
R-053-7 series with R-054-1
R-053-8 series with R-054-2

R-047 series
R-053-3 tab series

R-047-2a, R-047-2b
Warning Signs Updated descriptions for

W-319-1-Ta, W-319-1-Tax, W-319-1-Tb, W-319-1-Tbx , W-319-1-Tc, W-319-1-Tcx

Guide Signs Update
G-110, G-110-A, G-110-L, G-110-R
G-112-A, G-112-L, G-112-R
G-128-1, G-128-1x, G-128-2, G-128-2x
G-131-EL, G-131-EL-u, G-131-EL-x
Commercial Vehicle Signs Update
CV-030, CV-056, CV-130-1, CV-130-2
Information Signs Corrections
I-021-14Ta, I-023-2
I-076 series corrected to I-076-1 series
I-076, I-076-x
I-076-1, I-076-1
I-076-1-Ta, I-076-1-Ta-x
I-076-1-Tb, I-076-1-Tb-x
I-076-1-Tc, I-076-1-Tc-x
I-076-1-Td, I-076-1-Td-x

I-076-2 series
Warning Signs

W-011 Series to include one new tab

Roundabout Signs Updated
Rb-R-500-1, Rb-R-500-2, Rb-R-500-3, Rb-R-500-4Rb-R-500-4u, Rb-R-500-4uu

Rb-R-500-5, Rb-R-500-6
Circle Route Signs Removed
CR-001-Td Series (Coast Cariboo)

CR-001-Ti Series (Coast Discovery)
Construction Signs Updated labelling to C-080 series 2021-07-08
Information Signs


I-019-1a series, I-019-1b series, I-019-1c series, I-019-1d series, I-019-1e series, I-019-1f series, I-019-1g series, I-019-1h series, I-019-1i series, I-019-1Ta series, I-019-1j series, I-019-1k series,  I-019-1l series, I-019-1o series, I-019-2 series

I-020-1L series, I-020-1R series, I-020-1L series, I-020-2L series, I-020-2R series, I-020-1L series

I-021-1a series, I-021-1b series, I-021-1c series, I-021-1d series, I-021-2a series, I-021-2b series, I-021-2c series, I-021-2d series, I-021-3Ta series, I-021-3Tb series

I-022-1a series,  I-022-1b series,  I-022-1c series,  I-022-2a series,  I-022-2b series, I-022-3ta series, I-022-3tb series


I-023 series, I-024-7, I-027 series


I-019-1a, I-019-1a-Ta,  I-019-1b, I-019-1c, I-019-1d, I-019-1e, I-019-1f 

I-020-1L, I-020-1R, I-020-2, I-020-2, I-020-3, I-020-4Ta 

I-021-1L, I-021-1R, I-021-2L, I-021-2R, I-021-3, I-021-4L, I-021-4R, I-021-5L, I-021-5R, I-021-6, I-021-7L, I-021-7R, I-021-8L, I-021-8R, , I-021-9, , I-021-10L, I-021-10R, , I-021-11L, I-021-8R, I-021-12, I-021-13Ta,  I-021-14Ta

I-023-1, I-023-2

I-024-1 to 4 series, I-024-5, I-024-5, Zi-024-6, Zi-024-7, Zi-024-8a, I-027 series, I-179

Information Signs Added - I-024-8A Keep Washrooms Clean Sign 2021-03-30
Warning Signs Update - W-017 Series Tab 2021-03-29
Guide Signs Update - G-007-4-OH Series,  G-007-5L&R OH Series 2021-03-19
Parking & Stopping Signs Added - P-200 Series 2021-03-19
Regulatory Signs Added - R-121-1 Series Tab 2021-03-17
Parking & Stopping Signs Update - P-002 Series - renumbered to fit within the new series 2021-03-11
Guide Signs Correction - G-007-4-OH, G-007-4-OHx Approval required RTE, G-034 fixed graphic placement error. 2021-03-09
Warning Signs Correction - W-356-Tb series corrected sign item number and page reference. 2021-03-09
Guide Signs Added - G-007-4, G-007-5 series 2021-02-05
Warning Signs Added - W-350, W-355, W-356 and updated W-323 2021-01-29
Regulatory Signs Added - R-200-Tj 2021-01-20
Information Signs Correction - I110 - ASTM reflectivity number 2021-01-20
Warning Signs Update - W-129 and W-130 series 2020-12-30
Construction Signs Corrections to labelling - C-401-u label 2020-12-22
Warning Signs Corrections to labelling - W-322 series 2020-12-22
Information Signs Corrections to labelling - I-131 series 2020-12-22
Parking & Stopping Signs Added - P-110 Series, P-111 Series, P-112 Series, P-113 Series 2020-12-11
Warning Signs Update - W-309-4, 313-1
Added - W-322-LSeries, W-322-R Series, W-323-L Series, W-323-R Series
Construction Signs Added - C-401 Series, C-401-U Series 2020-12-11
Information Signs Added - I-130 Series, I-131 Series 2020-12-11
Guide Signs Added - G-050 Series 2020-12-11
Service and Attraction Signs Added - SA-003 Series 2020-12-11
Regulatory Signs Added - R-245-L, R-245-R, R-246-L and R-246-R, R-009-Td 2020-11-10
Information Signs Updated I-070 Series 2020-11-10
Standard Traffic Signs - Appendix 4 Updated - Sign Suppliers 2020-11-10
Warning Signs Added - W-309-4L, W-309-4R, W-309-4Ta, W-309-4Tb, W-309-4Tc, W-309-4Td, W-309-4Te 2020-11-03
Warning Signs Added - W-131-1 Series, W-131-1-Ta Series, W-131-1-Tb Series, W-131-2 Series 2020-11-03
Regulatory Signs Updated - Regulatory section for the HOV Exit Signs: R-245-L&R and R-246-L&R 2020-07-14
Pedestrian & School Signs Updated - PS-006 - Colour Change to Florescent Green 2020-07-09
Pedestrian & School Signs Added - New Series PS-019 2020-06-10
Information Signs Added - I-200-6A, I-200-6L, I-200-6R 2020-04-09
Parking & Stopping Signs Added - P-031 2020-04-09
Regulatory Signs Added - R-060-2 2020-04-09
Farm Tour Signs Removed from catalogue 2020-03-06
Visitor Centre Signs Updated - Section 13.0 - Visitor Centre Signs - Page 9 updated email address to: 
Community Visitor Centres
Visitor Centre Signs

Section 13.0 - Tourism BC Signs (PDF, 374KB, 12 pages - Updated December 20, 2016) 

Renamed and updated to:

Section 13.0 - Visitor Centre Signs

Information Signs Updated - I-030 series - changed to green on white colour for animal crossing signs to match other wildlife signs 2019-02-27
Standard Traffic Signs - Appendix 4 Updated - Sign Suppliers 2018-10-17
Regulatory Signs Updated - Sizing for Ta and Tb, Added  Tc (3 series) 2018-05-11
Service and Attraction Signs Updated - Added SA-035 to E Series, F Series, N Series 2018-05-10
Information Signs Updated - Added I-064-2 and I-064-3 2018-03-19
Guide Signs Updated - Added G-098 Series 2018-02-19
Service and Attraction Signs Updated SA-032 and SA-038 2018-02-15
Construction Signs Updated C-035 Series - Corrected colour
Revised Numbering and added C-003 Series (Drone)
Information Signs Updated I-110-T and I 110-Tx 2017-12-27
Construction Signs

Updated C-035 New design

  • Removed C-035-Jobs
  • Added C-035-FEDR
  • Added C-035-FEDU
  • Updated C-035-CMP
  • Removed C-035-EOP
  • Updated C-086-2 – Change reflectivity to ASTM – Type 1
Construction Signs Updated C-082
New Sign Series C-138
Bicycle Signs New Sign Series B-G-017 2017-07-12
Information Signs New Tab I-112 Ta now a standard sign 2017-05-08
Information Signs Updated I-117 2017-04-04
Construction Signs Updated C-035 2017-03-09
Supplemental Traffic Signs - Appendix 3 Updated Recognized Sign Suppliers Suppliers 2016-12-22
Standard Traffic Signs - Appendix 4 Updated Recognized Sign Suppliers Suppliers 2016-12-22
Regulatory Signs Updated R-059 & R-060 2016-12-22
Guide Signs Updated 065-3 & G-065-4 2016-12-22
Commercial Vehicle Signs Commercial Vehicle CV-082 - Minor Colour Change 2016-12-22
Tourism BC Signs Updated T-001 2016-12-20
Warning Signs New W-055-4 Curb Marker Signs for Plows 2016-11-17
Information Signs Updated I-082-4, I -082-5 & I-082-6x 2016-11-17
Construction Signs Updated C-003 signs 2016-10-20
Regulatory Signs Added H16 95801 Signal Stop Line Sign - Railway Crossing Series 2016-07-26
Regulatory Signs Updated Video Surveillance & Illegal Dumping Sign Designs 2016-07-04
Warning Signs Added W-318-Tb Series 2016-07-04
Service and Attraction Signs Permanently removed SA-024u, SA-025u in N series, SA- 024 and SA-025 in the T series 2016-06-29
Information Signs Added I-082-4, I -082-5 & I-082-6x 2016-05-06
Standard Traffic Signs Appendix 4 – Approved Sign Suppliers Updated 2013-10-04
Supplemental Traffic Signs Appendix 3 – Approved Sign Suppliers Updated 2013-10-04
Catalogue of Standard Traffic Signs

Catalogue updated in January 2010.

  • ASTM and colour have changed for Construction and Warning signs.
  • Orange construction signs have changed to ASTM 9, fluorescent-orange within the Bicycle, Construction & Adopt a Highway sections (Refer to the ‘Construction Section Introductory Note’ located at the beginning of the Construction section).
  • Yellow warning signs occurring within the Pedestrian & School, Bicycle, Roundabout and Warning Sections have changed to ASTM 9, fluorescent-yellow with the exceptions of PS-001, PS-004 & W-329 which are fluorescent-yellow/green (Refer to the ‘Warning Section Introductory Note’ located at the beginning of the Warning section).







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