Speculation and vacancy tax

The speculation and vacancy tax is an annual tax based on how owners use residential properties in areas in B.C. affected most by the current housing shortage crisis. 

The B.C. government announced the expansion of areas where the speculation and vacancy tax applies. Owners in these areas will need to declare by March 31, 2024. See taxable areas for specific municipalities and regions. 

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You can declare as soon as you receive your declaration letter. It includes your Letter ID and Declaration Code, which can be found at the top right corner of your letter.

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It only takes a few minutes to declare online. It's faster than calling and your information will be safe and secure.

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How the tax works

The speculation and vacancy tax is designed to turn vacant homes into housing for people in British Columbia, and ensure foreign owners and those with primarily foreign income contribute fairly to B.C.’s tax system.

How to declare

Residential property owners in the designated taxable areas declare every year for the speculation and vacancy tax, even if there is no change to your information. You must complete your declaration by March 31. 


Over 99 percent of people in British Columbia are exempt from the speculation and vacancy tax. Generally, an owner is exempt from the tax if the home is their principal residence.

Tax credits

If you are not eligible for any of the speculation and vacancy tax exemptions, you may be eligible for a tax credit to reduce the amount of tax you have to pay.

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How to pay

The speculation and vacancy tax is due on the first business day in July (July 4 in 2023). However, you can pay the tax anytime after you receive a Notice of Assessment in the mail, which will show the amount of speculation and vacancy tax you owe.

After you declare, a Notice of Assessment will be generated and mailed to you only if you owe the tax.

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When we determine you owe an amount under the speculation and vacancy tax, we send you a notice detailing the amount owing and how to pay it. This may happen as a result of your declaration or from an audit. If you received a Notice of Assessment for the speculation and vacancy tax and believe an error was made you have several options to get help.


Anyone who has to declare for the speculation and vacancy tax may be audited.

Audits are routinely conducted to ensure:

  • Exemptions and tax credits have been claimed correctly
  • Taxes have been paid correctly

Frequently asked questions

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