When to Expect Your Speculation and Vacancy Tax Letter

Declaration letters are mailed out to your mailing address in phases based on postal code from January 19 through February 16, 2021.

If your mailing address is in B.C., enter the first three characters of your postal code in the search bar above Table 1 to see approximately when you’ll receive your letter. If multiple rows appear, refer to the “Area” column to narrow your search.

If your postal code is not listed in Table 1, refer to Table 2.

All letters should be delivered by late February. If you haven’t received your letter by then, contact us

If you’ll be away or otherwise unable to receive the letter when it arrives, contact us so we can help ensure you submit your declaration on time.

Table 1: Letter Mailing Dates for B.C. Addresses
Area Postal Code Mailing Dates*


V2S, V2T, V3G, V4X

January 25-26

Aldergrove, Mission, Pitt Meadows

V2Z, V4W, V2V, V4S, V3Y

January 26-27

Anmore, New Westminster, White Rock, West Vancouver

V3H, V3L, V3M, V4B, V7P, V7S, V7T, V7V, V7W February 2

Brentwood Bay

V8M February 11


V3J, V3N, V5A V5B, V5C, V5E, V5G, V5H, V5J, V5K, V5M, V5R, V5S February 3-4


V2P, V2R, V4Z January 25


V3B, V3C, V3E, V3H, V3J- V3L January 27-29


V3M, V4C, V4E, V4G, V4K, V4L, V4M January 22


V1P, V1V, V1W, V1X, V1Y, V1Z, V4V

February 5-8


V1M, V2Y, V2Z, V3A, V4W January 29

Maple Ridge

V2W, V2X, V4R

January 27

North Vancouver

V7G, V7H, V7J, V7K, V7L, V7M, V7N, V7P, V7R February 4-5

Port Coquitlam

V3B, V3C, V3E

January 27-28

Port Moody


January 27


V6P, V6V-V6Y, V7A, V7B, V7C, V7E

January 29-February 2

Sidney, Saanichton, Esquimalt

V8L, V8M, V9A

February 11



February 9



V3R, V3S, V3T, V3V, V3W, V3X, V3Z, V4A, V4N, V4P January 19-21


V5K, V5L, V5M, V5N, V5P, V5R, V5S, V5T, V5V, V5W, V5X, V5Y, V5Z, V6A, V6B, V6C, V6E, V6G, V6H, V6J, V6K, V6L, V6M, V6N, V6P, V6R, V6S, V6T, V6Z, V7X, V7Y

February 12-17


V8N, V8P, V8R, V8S, V8T, V8V, V8W, V8X, V8Y, V8Z, V9A, V9B, V9C, V9E February 9-10

West Kelowna, Nanaimo, Lantzville, North Saanich

V1Z, V4T, V9R, V9S, V9T, V9V, V9X, V0R, V8L February 8-11


Table 2: Letter Mailing Dates for Other Addresse
Area Mailing Dates*

Other B.C. mailing addresses

January 21 – February 8

Within Canada, outside of B.C.

January 21 – February 8

International, outside of Canada

January 21 – February 15

*Due to current delays in the mail, letters may take longer to be delivered.

This information is provided for your convenience and guidance and is not a replacement for the legislation