Stamps and marks on tobacco sold in B.C.

Publication Date: April 20, 2023

Stamps and marks on tobacco help distinguish legitimate tobacco from illegal tobacco sold in B.C.

Cigarettes and fine cut tobacco sold in B.C. must bear:

Other provinces have their own unique marks for tobacco meant for sale in their province. Tobacco that has another province’s mark must not be sold in B.C. unless authorized by us in writing.

Tobacco marked NOT FOR SALE IN CANADA—VENTE INTERDITE AU CANADA must only be sold for export outside of Canada.

Purchasing, possessing, selling, storing or distributing tobacco that isn’t properly marked or stamped is illegal and subject to penalties.

The B.C. stamp and mark

Packages, cartons and cases of cigarettes and fine cut tobacco for taxable sales in B.C. must bear the B.C. stamp or mark. These products are only meant for taxable sales and must not be sold tax-exempt.

Packages of cigarettes and fine cut tobacco

The B.C. stamp for packages of cigarettes and fine cut tobacco is a modified federal tobacco excise stamp that includes the text “BC” and a green background colour.

New B.C. stamp

The B.C. stamp is available on packages of:

  • 20 and 25 cigarettes
  • 50, 100 and 200 grams of fine cut tobacco

Tobacco manufacturers and importers must apply to us for authority to stamp tobacco products with the B.C. stamp and order stamps from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Cartons and cases of cigarettes

Cartons of cigarettes have the English and French abbreviations “BC-CB” printed in black on a green background within a black rectangle. This mark appears at each end of the carton.

Shipping cases of cigarettes or fine cut tobacco have the same abbreviations printed in black on two sides of the case.

Federal marks

There are federal marks for:

  • Tax-exempt cigarettes and fine cut tobacco
  • Tobacco other than cigarettes and fine cut tobacco

Tax-exempt cigarettes and fine cut tobacco

Packages of cigarettes and fine cut tobacco for tax-exempt sales in B.C. must bear the federal peach stamp with the text DUTY PAID CANADA - DROIT ACQUITTÉ.  

New federal peach stamp

Other tobacco

Other tobacco such as cigars, smokeless tobacco, pipe tobacco and heated tobacco products must also have the appropriate federal stamp or mark.

Duty-free shops

If you are a duty-free shop in B.C., the tobacco you sell must:

  • Not bear the B.C. stamp
  • Follow the federal stamping and marking rules
Federal requirements

Read Canada Revenue Agency's Notices on the excise stamping regime to ensure federal requirements are met.

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