Tobacco Tax

Tobacco tax applies on all tobacco products sold in B.C., including cigarettes, cigars, loose tobacco products (e.g. fine cut, pipe or chewing tobacco) or other products that contain tobacco in any form.

The province has strict laws restricting the sale, purchase, possession and transportation of tobacco and does not tolerate illegal or contraband tobaccoOur dedicated investigations unit works with the RCMP, Canada Border Services Agency and other provinces to combat illegal activity and tax evasion. 

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To learn about the laws for the sale, promotion and use of tobacco, such as prohibiting the sale of tobacco to minors, refer to B.C.’s Tobacco Control Program.

Tobacco Tax Rates

Find the tax rates for each tobacco product listed below.

Tobacco Tax Rates


Tax Rate Effective April 1, 2018
Note: see above for proposed rate increase January 1, 2020

Cigarettes and
Tobacco Sticks
27.5 cents per cigarette or tobacco stick
$5.50 per pack of 20
$6.88 per pack of 25
$55.00 per carton of 200
Loose Tobacco
(Tobacco other than cigarettes and cigars)
37.5 cents per gram
Cigars 90.5% of the taxable price or the retail price, to a maximum of $7 per cigar


Last revised: November 14, 2019