Aug 9, 2013 - Online Version of Short Community Gaming Grant Application is Available

Eligible community organizations may now submit short version community gaming grant (CGG) applications online. Previously, only mail-in applications were accepted. The online application system will make it quicker and easier for eligible organizations to re-apply.

In addition to the new short application functionality, some minor changes have been made to the regular CGG application system. Applicants are still required to provide the same information, but may notice differences in the way they interact with some parts of the online application.

An organization is eligible to use the short community gaming grant application if:

  • A regular community gaming grant was approved for the previous two years;
  • The previous year's grant was awarded with conditions, and those conditions have been addressed; and
  • This year's request is for the same program(s) and same level of funding approved in the last fiscal year.
  • Organizations may only use the short application for a maximum of two years in a row. Organizations that received a grant as a result of reconsideration must use the regular application. The Branch may advise an organization that it is are ineligible to use the short application.

Short application eligibility is determined by the online application system. If your organization believes it is eligible, but it is not given the option to use the short application, please contact the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB) by email ( Please include your organization name.

To get started with a community gaming grant application or for more information about gaming grants, follow the links below: