Mar 8, 2010 - Community Gaming Grants for 2010-11

The Province is allocating $120 million for community gaming grants in 2010-2011, up from $113 million last year, to fund approximately 6,000 community organizations that benefit communities, including organizations that assist public safety, youth and disabled sports, people in need, fairs, festivals and museums, community services such as preschools, and Parent Advisory Councils.

The Province will also honour multi-year commitments for gaming grants.

Effective April 1, 2010, the Province will combine bingo affiliation and direct access grants into a single community gaming grants program. This will ensure all community groups have fair and equitable access to gaming funds.

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The following are included in the reference tables mentioned above:

  • Table 1: Structure for 2010-2011 Community Gaming Grants
  • Table 2: Funding Priorities for 2010-2011 Community Gaming Grants
  • Table 3: How the Transition to Community Gaming Grants Will Work for Former Direct Access and Bingo Affiliation Grant Recipients
  • Table 4: Grant Application, Review and Payment Schedule for 2010-2011 Community Gaming Grants