Sep 8, 2008 - Playground Grant Changes

Based on feedback from stakeholders and the general public, government is currently reviewing the program eligibility for playground grants. While no final decisions have been made, a few key changes will be in place for the next application period.

The intake period for applications for 2008/09 playground grants will be from September 15 to November 30, 2008.

The requirement for matching funds has been eliminated. Eligible organizations may apply for playground grants of up to $20,000 per school.

As not all schools in British Columbia have fully functioning Parent Advisory Councils (PAC), the rules have been changed to make it easier for these schools to apply for a playground grant. A service organization may apply on behalf of students in a school without a PAC or may partner with a PAC to complete their grant application. This will ensure that all B.C. schools have an opportunity to apply for funds to help upgrade their playground facilities.

Note: (2009)
Playground grants are not available until further notice. See Gaming Grants for information about currently available gaming grants.