Zombie Preparedness

Zombie Preparedness

Zombies? In B.C.? Are you serious? Well, sorta. While the chance of the undead knockin’ on your door is slim, we do believe if you’re ready for zombies, you’re ready for a disaster. PreparedBC has an arsenal of zombie preparedness tips to help you survive any emergency.

Start by watching this video of a little girl who foiled a zombie attack, then take note of these five zombie preparedness tips:

  • Tip #1: Ensure your gas tank is always half full.
  • Tip #2: Have emergency kits for your home, office and car.
  • Tip #3: Have a plan!
  • Tip #4: Get an emergency kit.
  • Tip #5: Have an out-of-province contact.

Our survivor's blog also offers advice should you ever find yourself up close and personal:

Published in 2012