Sharing Results of a Criminal Record Check

If you are an employee or volunteer you can share the results of your criminal record check at no cost with other organizations provided they are registered with the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP).

To share a criminal record check:

  • Ensure your check was completed by the CRRP within the last 5 years
  • Contact the organization you want to share your results with to confirm it is registered with the CRRP and that it is willing to accept your previous results
  • Be certain your check is the same type as previously completed, either for children, vulnerable adults, or both

If the organization is willing to accept your previous results they must:

  • Provide you with a web link and access code where you will complete a request to share a criminal record check; and
  • Direct you to the Electronic Identity Verification service to confirm your identity, or
  • Request that you complete the Sharing Form and mail or fax it to the CRRP

If you have chosen to complete a manual Sharing Form, follow the submission instructions below:

Emailed Sharing Forms

  • Email the form(s) as a PDF of TIF file
  • Multiple forms may be emailed as a single attachment or as separate attachments
  • When there is one form, use the applicant’s name and year of birth for the attachment (e.g. JOHNDOE1997.pdf or JOHNDOE1997.tif)
  • When there are multiple forms, combine and save them in one single PDF or TIF as organization name and date of submission (e.g.123daycare2017-05-03.pdf or 123daycare2017-05-03.tif). Applications that are received without the correct file name will not be processed
  • Emails must include a list naming all the applicants
  • Use the subject line “Sharing Form submission CRR022”

Faxed Sharing Forms

  • Fax forms to 250 953-0408
  • No coversheet or ID required

Note: An organization can decide whether or not it will accept a shared criminal record check result and may ask you to consent to a new criminal record check manually or online.