About Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Appointments

A person may be eligible for appointment as a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits if their employment or work with a volunteer organization involves administering oaths or affirmations, or taking affidavits or statutory declarations, as permitted, authorized or required by law. Commissioner appointments are subject to the Evidence Act and regulations, and may include restrictions and conditions set by the Attorney General. The term of appointment is three years. A person may apply for reappointment by following the same application process.

To qualify for appointment, a person must complete the application instructions and demonstrate legitimate need to perform commissioner functions as part of their employment or work with a volunteer organization. This includes specifying the services to be performed, citing all applicable act(s) and section(s) that authorize these services to be performed by a commissioner, and providing samples of forms to be used. Successful completion of a written examination is also required.

In addition, an eligible applicant must:

  • Be at least 19 years of age
  • Have Canadian citizenship, landed immigrant or permanent resident status
  • Have no relevant criminal record

The Evidence Act and regulations designate some persons as Commissioners for Taking Affidavits because of office or employment. Persons designated as a commissioner do not need to apply for appointment.