Bait cars

A bait car is a vehicle owned by the police and designed to be stolen. Once the bait has been taken, the location, speed and direction of travel of the vehicle are monitored by police dispatchers through GPS. Everything that takes place inside the bait car is recorded on audio and video as the dispatcher coordinates the police response. Once officers are in position, the engine is remotely disabled allowing police to move in quickly to arrest the thief.

The program also has recreational vehicles, mobile cargo and utility units, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles and a wide variety of bait property.

Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team (IMPACT) is the team of police/auto theft investigators that operates the BaitCar program, which is now the largest bait car fleet in North America. Promoting public awareness and developing new ways to reduce auto crime in the province has made IMPACT a leader in auto crime investigation and recovery.

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