Police honours

Police Honours Night is an annual occasion for the province to recognize members of the RCMP and independent police services who have performed an exemplary service for British Columbians.

Honourees are selected by a committee comprising members of the B.C. Association of Chiefs of Police and the Policing and Security Programs Branch. Police Honours Night is hosted by the Lieutenant Governor at Government House in Victoria.

Medals are presented for either valorous service or meritorious service:

Image of valorous service metal.Valorous service

This is the highest award for a police officer in British Columbia. It involves an act of exceptional valour in the face of extreme hazard. It is awarded to police officers who took action for the benefit of others despite knowing they placed themselves at substantial risk of death or serious injury.


Image of Meritorious Service metal.Meritorious service

This is exemplary performance that enhances the image of police officers in British Columbia. It is awarded to police officers who clearly demonstrated that they acted in a manner significantly beyond the standard normally expected.


Requests for medal replacements or mini medals can sent to SGPSPB@gov.bc.ca