About the Policing and Security Branch

Under the Police Act, the Policing and Security Branch is responsible for ensuring adequate and effective levels of policing and superintending law enforcement by:

  • Superintending policing in the province
  • Monitoring the finances and operations of the provincial and municipal RCMP
  • Administering First Nations policing agreements and programs
  • Administering road safety programs
  • Providing training and support to municipal, First Nations and other police boards
  • Establishing provincial policing standards for police services delivery
  • Inspecting and reporting on the quality of police services
  • Developing and coordinating police policy and legislation
  • Facilitating innovative, proactive, evidence-based policing through service delivery and technological innovation
  • Managing non-police law enforcement appointments and activities (i.e., special constables, auxiliary members)
  • Reporting on provincial crime and police data

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